Easy Start for The Boeing 247?

I know this sounds terrible, but is there an “easy” way to start the Boeing 247D with Ctrl+E vs. wobble pumps and magnetos etc. when you want to fly quickly? I have full fuel and all three checkmarks on the realism settings shut off and the mixture up, but the plane starts then dies.

Make sure your throttle is like 25-50%

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Thank you!!!

My engines are running and stay running now!

Except even with the parking brake off I’m not moving despite full throttle - I’m still missing something.

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Do you have blocks on your wheels?

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That was it!!! I’m up and flying this beauty now…thanks for your help!!!

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She is full of quirks, even on easy mode. But those quirks are part of her charm. I learned to fly her the same way.

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An amazing aircraft - I’m in love! A taildragger I can actually land!

Thanks again!

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I made a quick tutorial on startup and how to make sure it fires up every single time!