Easy way ATC voice management

Someone using VoiceAttack for ATC managemant?
How do you work with it… only ATC.
Thks a lot

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I tried using it for awhile, but it really wasn’t worth the hassle. As for ATC exclusively, as far as I know all you can do is mimic the selections with your voice. So you would have to set up an entry that would press ‘1’ when you said ‘one’ or something like that. Now if you wanted to get creative, since the first option on the ATC menu is usually affirming an ATC command, you could have it activate ‘1’ when you say ‘Affirmative’ or something like that. But since the responses change meaning as you fly, that might get awkward.

I typically do use it in rather a crude way, but more so because I fly in VR where VoiceAttack becomes quite useful.
My voice commands are really simple I.e. I have VA set to understand Commands “ATC 1”, “ATC 2” simply mean press 1 or 2 etc.
I usually use this in conjunction with having a button on my HOTAS to open/close the ATC dialogue window so I know what number to call out. For some it’s not necessary to open the ATC window as I know what number to call out.
As I say, it’s rather crude, but nonetheless functional and a reasonably good compromise for use with VR.
I hope one day that Asobo might tackle this as a project in itself to enable the use of speech recognition so us virtual pilot can use somewhat realistic phrases and read-back responses to the AI ATC call-outs. I’m certain it would be possible albeit probably a challenging project and not half as easy as it may first appear.

Thanks Blitzer, is how I work with it since FSX.
For me, sometimes ATC is very inmersive, sometimes not…Who Knows :rofl:
Anyway, interaction with ATC is, perhaps, very subjective.
Agree your comment.
Cheers my friend.

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