EDDB/BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport »Willy Brandt«

Berlin Brandenburg Airport »Willy Brandt« (EDDB/BER) started operations today, replacing Berlin Schönefeld Airport (formerly EDDB, now part of BER), Berlin Tegel Airport (EDDT) and Berlin Tempelhof Airport (EDDI).

At the moment, ICAO code EDDB is still assigned to Berlin Schönefeld Airport in MSFS2020, and Berlin Brandenburg Airport cannot be selected as departure (or arrival) airport. Do you expect that to change with the next update?

EDDB’s two runways (07L/25R and 07R/25L) are already assigned correctly, with the southern runway (07R/25L) not yet officially in operation and therefore crossed out:


yes it can. flew in and out of eddb ber several times already.

Well, let me put it this way: In the World Map, the ICAO code EDDB is still assigned to »Schonefeld, Berlin«, not to »Berlin Brandenburg Airport«. The developers may want to change that, because the code has been reassigned.

good gracious give them some time. I assume it’s Navblue data. Also, just because the name ain’t correct doesn’t mean you can’t fly in and out of the airport. The SIDs and STARs are in. yes, the ils freq is missing for the southern runway but so are many others and all the gates are available…

You are completely right—I apologise for being unnecessarily impatient, that’s my fault. Take it as a sign of enthusiasm. Thank you very much for your work and your help!

Well october 2020 is a long time ago…

Found some posts of this nice scenery Aerosoft Preview Berlin-Brandenburg (EDDB)

Hopefully they will publish this scenery soon :heart_eyes:

This airport has just been released and is available on SimMarket.


WOW - I missed that totally :smiley:
Got my DLC now from Aerosoft direct…

Hi there, it looks like EDDB now corresponds to Brandenburg Airport:


So I am closing this and moving it to our Resolved Bugs section. In the future, if you see a bug like this, you can report it in the Bugs & Issues category.