EDFM RWY 09 black lines causing crashes

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Is anyone else experiencing or has experienced black lines on EDFM Mannheim RWY 09 and taxiway causing the plane to crash?
Any information if this bug can be fixed?
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Yes, I’ve seen the same thing happen. Also, when spawning on RWY 27, the plane seems to be falling a few feet and jumps wildely. Will post a video of that happening as soon as I have the time.

Thanks FoxMike1080, I hope they sort this out soon. Look forward to the video.


I taxied up and down runway 09/27 and noticed some shimmering lines across the tarmac, but they vanished when I got closer and did not cause any actual problems.
I did clear my rolling cache during the last world update, so I am quite sure I have got the latest data. You might want to try that as well?

Didn’t have any problems with taking off on 09 with a 930. Didn’t see any lines/etc. But with so many possible differences in setup/internet, etc there’s no doubt it could be happening to you. Hope we can isolate it down to what’s causing the issue for you and others and get it resolved.

Thanks, JasonMuc2112
Am going to do this.

Thanks, Habu2u2
I’ll do what JasonMuc2112 recommended.

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Hmmm…I’ve noticed also these lines are back! hmmm…

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I moved this to Bugs & Issues.

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Thanks, N316TS.

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Same issue for me. I remember being able to taxi and takeoff normally a couple of weeks ago. But today I wasn’t able to taxi to Rwy 27 because I crashed into an invisible obstacle. And when starting at runway on both sides causes the plane to crash immediately after loading.

I believe this is a different issue: please see this thread:
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