Edgley Optica landing


I’ve purchased ORBX Edgley Optica from the Marketplace (on XBOX). This airplane is fantastic, but I’m terrible at landing it and I crash almost every time. I suppose it needs completely different technique that I’m unfamiliar with.

When I try to land it as it was a Cessna 152, I crash at the runway, unable to pull up on time.

I tried a more “flat” approach by stretching the pattern to insane lengths, but the plane keeps gliding several feet above the runway. On long runways I can make a hard landing with some luck and few “kangaroo jumps”, but on short grass aerodromes I either miss the runway or crash.

When I try to reduce speed over the runway (full flaps, throttle close to idle), the plane stalls without warning and falls down like a rock.

I’d appreciate any hints, I promise I’ll try them all :slight_smile:

Hello, I’ve moved your topic into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft since this references a third party aircraft.

When you’re coming in w/full flaps you have to compensate for the increased drag by adding more throttle. Otherwise, it’s a brick.

what do you use for throttle control? I have a Saitek throttle quadrant that makes it easier to do small adjustments. It’s a pretty responsive engine and as long as you keep an eye on your speed gauge you can keep power at the proper setting and not be surprised by a stall. Generally I just got better with practice at stalling out low enough to not slam onto the ground from 15ft. Never crashed it but when I first started flying it there were several landings where I would not have been mad if the sim had said I’d crashed

I’m using Thrustmaster T-FLIGHT HOTAS ONE, as there are not many accessories that you can connect to Xbox.

What speed do you recommend?

approach 70mph over the runway, cut throttle and pull up level. With full flaps don’t panic when you hear the stall horn, you still have lift and can float her down to the ground at 50mph. Still a bit rough tho. I haven’t flown a whole lot, maybe only 6-7 landings so far. Hardest part is configuring the elevator controls. It wants to be really twitchy on the up/down so when trying to do a smooth pull-up for landing you can easily over-do it and really stall to drop like a brick. That’ll take time getting setup just experimenting with your controls and the sensitivity settings. I think my elevators are like -65%