Edit Manual Cache

Fantastic work on the Manual Cache tool. I have one big gripe. If I want to edit an already defined region, I need to delete it and start again. I would love an edit function that lets us change the quality zones.

If there is a technical limitation that means we cannot edit a region then create an edit button which starts the process of creating a new region, with the region name and boundaries pre-defined. Once the new region is saved, then delete the old one, clear out the old data and re-cache the area.


I suggest add also:

  • out of sim configuration & download of cache (if is possible)
  • ability to transfer cache file between machines

Totally agree on all the above. Going back to re-edit our regions would save us a lot of time and trouble. Also there seems to be quite a slowdown if you have a large cachefile. I have mine set to 512GB and my system slows down to a crawl when trying to navigate the menus and trying to click on the buttons. This needs to be fixed and optimized to make it even useable.

Good to know! I tried to augment a cache this week and failed. Thanks for the info! Happy flying!