Editing the A320neo's fuel capacity

Looking for some help with modding the fuel capacity of the A320. Editing the capacity of the tanks in the [FUEL] section of flight_model.cfg doesn’t seem to do anything.

As a test, I made two simple mods, one for the C152, and one for the A320. In both cases, I doubled the capacity of the LeftMain tank. For the A320, I also increased max_gross_weight in [WEIGHT AND BALANCE] to some arbitrary value. Please find the mods here:

For the C152, the change appears in the fuel menu, but for the A320, only the change in max_gross_weight appears to have been applied. No change in the fuel capacity was observed. I’m rather puzzled as to why that might be the case. Does anyone have any idea as to why the change in fuel capacity is not applied?

I bet you are on the right-track, Sandy, but there may be another parameter in that file, or one of the other CFG files that are in the root directory too. That’s just a guess though.

Go ahead… Snoop around!

One difference I’ve noticed is that there’s a [FUEL_SYSTEM] section in flight_model.cfg for the A320, but not in the C152. I can’t see what that’s got to do with the problem at hand though, since I’m not adding or removing any fuel tanks.

Edit: oh wait, just spotted some values under that section under “Tank.x:”. Might they simply be display texts? Or code comments? Can’t see how they’re linked to the entries under [FUEL] though. (Unable to test it at the moment.)
Tank.1 = Name:Center#Title:TT:MENU.FUEL.CENTER#Capacity:3000#UnusableCapacity:0#Position:-6,0,1#Priority:1#OutputOnlyLines:TankCenterToCenterTankPump1,TankCenterToCenterTankPump2

Just as a thought, it’s the fuel consumption that seems to be off in the A320, maybe that’s better to look at. And I believe has been proven to be doable since the A32NX mod has done it.

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Turns out the figures under [FUEL_SYSTEM] were it! Happy!

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