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Some live activity :star_struck:

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Downwash effect updated for SU5 compatibility. To fix it in R44, copy
Downwash.spb file into

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That downdraft effect is pretty cool with the chopper. I’ve been wondering when someone would do that. Seems like there’s a lot of possibilities with these new effects. Looks great.

Now all we need is the ability for the downdraft to blow and bend grass back when we take off and land in a field or grass airstrip. That would be a great effect.

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great idea, but there is no way to edit wind variables, even with simconnect. maybe some day such thing will be added natively.

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So is that just an emissive tied to the smoke effect or can we do light/emissives as an effect themselves? I want to do some effects with lighting that controlled by a pilot such as turning on and off hangar lights by switches or proximity. Is that possible before I try too hard at figuring it out?

Actually I meant flame animation can be created, but emissive materials does not work with effects yet (it does not glow). They are going to implement it soon tho

Attaching actual light source to the effect is not possible and not sure is planned, but you can try to attach light to the simobject instead and add some visibility logic.

v0.9 Aerobatics and water drop effects updated for SU6

Downwash and others still broken. Hope hotfix will be released soon, or at least workarounds explained.

Discovered issues so far:

  • CTD if you load project XML with VisualEffect.EmitterList nodes presented. Solution: VisualEffect.EmitterList should be replaced with EmitterList in text editor, parameters removed (including GUID) manually or by saving project once, otherwise effect will be not compiled.
  • when you clone effect, generated _edition file does not contain data about nodes positions
  • when you clone effect, material of emitters reset to random GUID (not fixed since SU4)
  • CTD when you are trying to spawn effect with both contact point and node options empty (was spawn on camera previously)
  • wrong effect placement when using Vector3 for velocity/position - replace Vector3 with LocalDirection
  • wrong effect placement when using OFFSET modifiers for Asobo_GT_FX effect template, no workaround found
  • if effect GUID already presented in community, it may stop react on editor changes at some point. game restart is only found solution
  • global coordinates system acting weird - before it was magnetic north/east, now it earth axis without respect of globe curve.

Hi thealx2901! Do you have any idea as to how to replicate the engine blur effect using the node editor? :slight_smile: I am completely out of ideas on this one :).

I think it’s not possible yet. At least when I apply “heat” material to the effect, quads rendered as black frames instead of actual blur

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