EGAB - St Angelo, Enniskillen

St Angelos Airfield (EGAB) in Northern Ireland is represented, in the sim, with yellow crosses on the runway and taxiways indicative of a disused airfield. The airfield is listed in the 2021 Pooley’s Flight Guide for Ireland as active. A screen shot of a satellite (?) image dated July 2021 is attached.

Additionally, and just for a change, there is no ATC so on tuning EGAB traffic for approach and landing there is the legendary ‘select runway for landing’. The response to making that selection is ‘Previous Page for Runways’. There seems to be no way out of that particular black hole.

Some adjustments here would be appreciated.

I agree with everything you said.

I did do a mod for this airport which corrects the issues you identified.

If, however, you are on xbox then this option is not available, alas.

Details here:

Many thanks tamalien, the thing was bugging me. I did search the forums and came up with nothing. I am on the MS Store purchased version so I’ll go have a look at that right now. It will be good to get St Angelo in working order and then continue my ‘Circuit of Ireland’.

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Looks great, downloaded, many, many thanks. Sadly I am unable to exercise all of the functions as it would appear that XBox Live is having connectivity problems (reported by Ookla) :roll_eyes:. So, no radio audio at all in the off line mode. However the airfield and surrounding scenery look fantastic. Nice work tamalien, thank you again.

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