EGDR RNAS Culdrose (HMS Seahawk) has a Pylon in the middle of runways

Hello again,

I am currently visiting every airport in the UK and when landing at EGDR I noticed this massive pylon / antenna in the middle of the runway.

Well the position of that antennae is certainly awkward!

Although this bug may have been reported before, it is best that you report it as well to Zendesk, using the “Submit a Request” on the top menu bar. Bug tracking is not done in the forums even though the devs may sometimes view the forums. More bug reports will result in the bug being prioritized and may result in the bugs being fixed faster.
I have reported similar misplaced items at other airports through zendesk in the hope they may get corrected at some future date.

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Just manually remove them

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Unfortunately I discovered it the bad way during a night landing.

To be fair it’s an excellent trolling placement as it is right on the intersection of 2 runways!

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Tower gone now :slight_smile: Let me know if you would like a link to download the fix.

Oh wow, did you do this with the SDK? Thanks.

I reported this via Zendesk and a week later it was marked as solved. There have been 2 updates since then and yet the pylon is still there, so I reported that via zendesk and now that’s been marked as solved.

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I checked all three runways for this structure and did not see it, so it looks like this is Resolved. I am moving this to our Resolved category.

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