EGKK with VATSIM traffic (timelapse) At Last!


Can you explain a bit what VATSIM does? Does it „inject“ real traffic into FS2020 (among other things, I guess)?

It’s a network of pilots using the sim as realistically as possible. Look it up.

It’s a multiplayer network that also allows people to take on the role of ATC (after going through appropriate training). So the other planes you see flying around will be piloted by real people, and you will also interact with real people providing ATC.

There’s a bit of a learning curve to be sure, but Vatsim has resources to help with that, and the result is way beyond what the AI ATC in the sim can offer you.

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Great time laps sir :smiley:

Loaded up EGLL & EGKK to see if patch improved FPS.
Seen a decrease of around 2-5FPS. Connected perfectly and is good to go.

Noticed the matchmaking seemed to be MFS default 320’s etc. Do you know of this can be amended like it was on XP etc?

Was using the drone camera over the plane departing, great hearing the engine sounds, lights and active gear after take off!

As others said, its a network with a structure and purpose to provide virtual ATC as real as it gets.

The immersion that provides is unmatchable for me.


Here’s a question. If I want to experience Vatsim as an observer but don’t have much (by “much” I mean zero) real-world flying and ATC credentials, can I still use it? For example, can you fly in a Vatsim world and be completely invisible to ATC and other pilots to just observe? Or are there different levels of Vatsim environments like Beginner (PPL), Advanced (CPL/IMC) and Expert (ATPL)?

Yes you can but not sure about in MSFS. There is an observer mode. You generally load up your simulator and then connect to the network via a client, you can then set an observer mode. If that’s not available, you can just spawn somewhere at a stand at an airport and connect to the network, then listen in using published frequencies.
Pilots do not have ratings but can submit themselves to tests if they want to. ATC have ratings and are subject to testing to obtain a higher rating.

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Very interesting. Sounds like a potential minefield for people like me, but cool nonetheless!

Of course you can. You can connect as Observer and observe both as Pilot and as ATC (though ATC means to go through and set up Euroscope the ATC client that VATSIM uses).

So basically:

  • Get yourself an account in VATSIM
  • Get vPilot (the pilot client)
  • Fire up MSFS
  • Tune AI/Realtime Traffic to be 0.
  • Find an airport with traffic and ATC online. You can use any of the tools to monitor VATSIM traffic. Here is one that is web based:
  • Put yourself in an airport (NOT ON THE RUNWAY).
  • Connect with vPilot (either as normal user or as observer , it ha an option)
  • Take your Drone camera and watch while hearing the comms from vPilot (you need to tune the freq in the plane).

Do I have to do anything in FS2020 settings to show other VATSIM traffic?
Does the traffic show on FS2020 TCAS?

When i am doing the above steps that i write, i see the traffic on VATSIM…