EGLL Parking

Just done a flight into EGLL, and I am still directed to T10 for parking at a gate. I’m surprised this wasn’t fixed, as it’s been known for a long time, and I even reported it to Zendesk when I first noticed it months ago.

It is mildly annoying! If you want a closer stand that is actually a terminal ‘gate’ all one has to do is request “taxi to parking”. I suspect it is how they have set up the ‘parking stands’ at Heathrow, with many of the ‘gate’ stands actually coded as ‘parking’.

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Flying to EGLL and off course landing there isnt the problem. Taxiing to the gate is. I am assigned to a gate rwally far away. So far i almost can see the towerbridge :wink:
Anyone who van help?
I am using simbrief and the way to import it knto the fbw a320

put on the taxihelper else find on the web an airport diagram and find your way manual,
its fun but timeconsuming.

Gates at heathrow is a known problem. There are more topics about this. Most of the time i am send to a parking spot, not even a gate, behind some hangars. Just park at an empty gate somewhere at the terminals and it will be ok.

Sometimes As Real As It Gets can be a bad thing.

If it’s as real as it gets, I don’t ever want to fly into De Gaulle. Ground sent me all the way into the Northwest end of the airport. I could have gotten out and walked over to the D317 highway, it was right there.

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Reminds me of a real flight from Amsterdam Schipol to Manchester. Boarded flight and taxi time was nearly 20 minutes to take off runway - I thought we were driving back to Manchester! :grin:

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Had the same flying from rotterdam. Airtime was less then taxi time

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If you takeoff from the polderbaan 36L it’s a drive indeed