Egotism is destroying the flight sim community

Hello folks,

Something I want to get it from my heart and it has been disturbing me recently. I was surprised how some folks here are mocking other members (not only here but in the other forums and social media), some folks are looking down at new comers from X-Box world for asking simple questions and start calling them “gamers, just go back to your console” … etc. I am very speechless to see such attitude in this community, nobody born knowing everything and there is no shame to ask questions no matter how stupid you think. Instead of helping answering these questions, you see these post mocking the new comers, making fun of them, call them “gamers” and we are “hard core simmers those just gamers” …etc. Where is the respect that we have to each other? Shame on this community!


I totaly agree with you. we are one community/ flightsimmers. It is no matter on which platform we play/simulated these wonderful simulator. we should be one community. And this child thinking in differencing of pc gamners and console gamers make me sad and a bit angry. Because we are all gamers its no matter on which platform we game.


Yep, agree too. No use to label people all the time. There are XBox simmers and PC gamers. And there is no issue supporting both groups, MSFS is fun… and it’s a serious sim.


Spot on , totally agree with you :+1:


Well said.

I guess a lot of this is partly caused by the Developers though, when they dumbed down the Sim for those with higher Specs Systems, leading to a lot of frustration that is blamed on the console and therefore materialising to those flying on the console.

I am very upset too, that Ultra is now what what once was Low, at least when in cruise with an airliner.
And all the other issues and downgrades the last update brought to ultra settings.

But you are right, never ever should this be a reason or excuse to attack or insult other members of the community.


In school they separate students in different classes / levels for exactly this reason. Some forum members have requested to dedicate a forum section to Xbox gamers who are mostly new to flight simulation and might want to discuss the basics. But the idea was rejected. Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea after all.


Yep indeed, makes me sad, the amount of labeling is crazy. Not only in this context. I even sometimes see some members showing off their cockpit setups claiming themselves as the “hardcore simmers”


I dont think this is the right approach. There shouldn’t be separation for this reason. Only respect is just needed


Morning Folks

At least it is Monday morning here. This is a newly started topic on a valid subject.

Over the past few days there has been a lot of anger and a lot of posts have been removed and topics closed. I don’t want that to happen here.

So I am asking in that folks please be respectful to each other

Thank you


That’s rather exaggerated, isn’t it?

Is that really what low looked like? Taken just now at FL340.

Here are two comparison screenshots in the same place (London): launch day (Aug 18, 2020) vs two days ago with SU5 and the world update:

High settings as base, all texture related settings on Ultra.

Ultra settings all around.


Guys this has nothing to do with graphics or what Asobo did with the latest update. Can we please stick to the topic?


Nothing to do with the topic and I cannot see the problem. The third screenshot looks more natural than the second?

I’ve not seen as much of that as…

I’ve seen a lot of heated discussion regarding whether the sim was nerfed visually on PC which has got quite ugly and personal. But this has largely been between PC gamers themselves.

I havent seen much hate against xbox players tbh.

Its more about the confirmed downgrade on PC. Xbox players cant do anything about it, its Microsoft or Asobo that had the “brilliant” idea to merge the versions.

There’s simmers with thousand of dollars in their cockpits and gamers with controllers… that’s the true
Can’t fly an airplane with a controller
Give me a break


It’s to do with the comment I replied to. And yes, I also think the SU5 screenshot looks far superior.

And that is exactly one example of many that I am referring to in my OP


Ah, OK. Thanks for clearing that up. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

It’s a matter of numbers: if you take into account that there are several million MSFS players, the relative egotism is not that bad. But any of it will be very visible leading you to believe there is a lot of it. It’s not that bad really.

I just ignore it, since it will happen and there’s nothing you can do about it anyway :slight_smile:

Edit: Some of the criticism is definitely justified, it is the emotional amplification of ego’s that makes things worse. Then again, it’s only human, and the same of what you see on social media in general. Again: I ignore it and have a happy (happier) life :slight_smile:

not exaggerated at all. you screenshot at FL330 shows pretty well how pixalated terrain is. And thats ULTRA! Before the Update, it wasnt even that bad on medium, so yeah, not exaggerated.

Anything below FL240 looks okay to me.

@CapnAlex78 and of course this is on topic, as this is the root cause for this XBOXer shaming.
This degradation was introduced to meet the hardware requirements for the console and some are wrongly blaming the users now.