EGPH ILS24 misaligned toward RW24 at Edinburgh airport

On IniBuilds A320 Neo arrived at Edinburgh from London only to found myself out of alignment on center line of runway 24 as i activated the LOC and the APPR in final approach phase. I used the ILS 24 the transaction was, I don’t remember well, it’s initial alpha characters were GIVE…
I had to abort the landing and realign manually the plane to the runway, then reactivate the autopilot to finally landi there regularly.


Flew LIMC (Milan Malpensa) to ENBO (Bodø) and that issuebwas also there. It shows itself when LOC is activated. Until ILS is aligned with the final approach then all regular, but as it is not aligned with the final approach, then the plan, once activated the LOC, deviates from the airport and begin its autolabd maneuver elsewhere. Even ther i have to bank it manually to rebring it to final approach line and then reactivate the autopilot to land at the runway.

IniBuilds A320 Neo on Xbox.

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