Eielson Air Force Base Alaska missing (PAEI)

I noticed the imagery is there but the airbase doesn’t show in the airport search menu nor is even modelled in the sim

Off to Ladd/Fort Wainwright AAF instead

Funny story about Eielson. Many years ago the Air Force Times ran an article about the base. There was a line in it that has stuck with me all these years. To paraphrase, the article stated that when you leave the base you become another part of the food chain. And you’re very far up on it, either. :wink:

Eielson shows up on my system. It is just vanilla, no detail. In another life I spent three years there.

Seriously can you show proof? Its literally not modelled in the sim!

My Bad, I was flying out of Fairbanks and I mistook PAFB for PAEI. It was quite nice in P3D. Perhaps
if MAIW comes on board we can get it back.

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There has been a big gap in the list of Alaskan airfields, since launch, mainly down to large amount of cloud that must have been sitting over the State when the aerial imagery was taken.

A list of missing airfields worldwide, and it was a long list, including PAEI, was submitted to Asobo by a very patient Insider, but that will probably need to await some renewed imagery before those airfields appear in sim.

Missing Airports Sent to Zendesk - Bugs & Issues / Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums Make your vote here.

However, some have appeared as freeware downloads, so maybe check those out to see if anyone has done or is going to do PAEI.

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Perhaps if MAIW comes on board

We would love to, if only we had a proper AI traffic SDK. :slightly_smiling_face:

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