Electronic Flightbook in Cockpit and on Tablet (Android and IOS)

Implementation of an EFB in cockpit and to be shown on an external Tablet. EFB should contain flight planning possibilities, Flightplan (OFP), Charts (NAVIGRAPH), mapview (TOPO, weather, streetmap, satellite…), NOTAMS, interactive checklists, performance calculations…


I’m working on an EFB for FS which is to be released soon :wink:


So good to hear, wow…I offer myself as betatester if you need one :wink:

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Just wondering if any updates on this excellent project? Cheers

The first version is about to be released. I’ll keep you updated.

People who are interested in testing this version please send me a PM.

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PM went out.


I’m switching from X-Plane 11 to MS FS2020.
My question is, if there is a tool planed to connect to an external EFB running on Android or Apple platform. Something for example emulating GPS data over WLAN or something like that.

Maybe there is already something out there. If it is so, please give me a hint.

Best regards

P.S. I’m very curious how the development curve of this nice flight simulator rises in the next time. There is a great potential.

Yes Sir, I have a friend who has been testing a simconnect build and it has worked for me. Reach back out to me if you would like the Zip folder. Connects well to foreflight with Little to no stutters.

Xmapsy shoud work for you.


humm that may be nice but it would also lag between data. .

Can you please send it to me? I’m in need of something that emulates the GPS on my Android. So I can use EVFR with it.

Thanks for this advice.

I have now installed also Air Navigation Pro and followed the instructions of the XMapsy Manual. But I got no connection. Do you have any idea?

Sorry but no, you need to ask xmapsy on their support page.

Thank you for your fast response.

I got it to work now.
Simconnect --> XMapsy --> SkyDemon is no my working configuration.
Thank you all for your comments!

I’m using the free FltPlan Go on my iPad and FltPlan Go GPS utility on my MSFS PC to connect the Sim to the iPad for live sim tracking on VFR Sectionals. Works great.

I’ve been using for two weeks MSFS Bridge from SimMaket, which costs a third of the xmapsy price. I’m using it personally with SkyDemon (as with real flights), but it’s also compatible with the other usual suspects (Garmin Pilot Fltplan Go, ForeFlight).

I confirm it to work for me with Air Navigation Pro

You can try SimGPS (Android) GPS and Android devices
NMEA format will be supported in next versions