Elevator trim constant clicking

Anybody else have this issue after that last update in August ? Elevator trim button on all aircraft constantly clicking even when all power has been turned off. I have gone through all keyboard assignments Etc I am using the Desktop Aviator trim wheel . I have configured it right and calibrated but this thing drives me nuts!!. attached video. https://youtu.be/TxC11AiIgQo
Help .Any suggestions?

Are you sure it isn’t the starter in the “start” position? It will click until the starter is returned to “both”.

You can see the constantly moving trim switch in the video.

@iamcanadian2756 maybe a too low or no deadzone on the trim wheel?
Have you rechecked the various assignments since SU5?

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Yep. I have this too. But I only notice it on the ground when doing preflight. Maybe because the click sound is faint and unnoticeable over other environmental noise during flight.

Yes same issue for me, several threads talk about it, and also the fact trimming seems broken depending planes…


yes I have tried adjusting the dead zone, sensitivity , neutral…
I am glad Im not only one!

Anyone figure out how to disable this dreadful trim clicking noise?
On the Longitude it is insane annoying, the trims in real life do not make any noise.

Apparently its from logitech new digital drivers that interfere with other than logitech hardware.
I have a Desktop Aviator trim wheel disconnect that the clicking goes away.
I am going to try a older version of Logitech today see what happens.

So I tried a older version of Logitech driver …Nope still screwed up.

i ended up buy a digital trim wheel from desktop aviator and it fixed the problem. Its a driver conflict with logitech.

The trim clicking noise sounds on every aircraft with electric trim, regardless of the hardware.
Very annoying.