Elevator trim stops working during flight

Few days back i bought the flyingirons spitfire and noticed that few minutes in flight the elevator trim stopped working. At first i thought this was a bug in the addon.

Today i was flying the default c152 and the same thing happened. After 2 or 3 minutes the elevator trim doesnt work anymore. I have 2 controlls assigned and both don’t respond. Clicking the trim wheel in the cockpit with the mouse also doesn’t work. So it’s not an controller issue.

Before world update 5 i never experienced this issue.

Issue is resolved after restarting the flight from the menu.

Ps. Rudder trim (in the spitfire) was still working.

At a guess something is over riding it. Eg. maybe an auto pilot mode.

I’d expect a lot more complaints here if it was a sim issue. Aircraft aren’t fly able without trim!

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Trim works here all the time. Got to be something like Yuudai5178 said.

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Yeah i did a flight after i posted this with the c172 for an hour aprox and trim was fine all the way. Couldn’t find anything here from people having the same issues. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again cause flying without elevator trim is horrible.

But i doubt it’s autopilot related since both aircraft do not have autopilot. I also tried to push my assigned ap buttons to see if it might be still do something, also when the plane does not have ap. And if autopilot is on and you trim the plane you still see the wheel move a little before the autopilot interferes.

But as you said. No other complaints so might be just coincidence👍

Thanks though😁

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