Elevator trimming

Hi, my issue is quite simple, how do I trim the aircraft without delay? Whenever I press the associated button for trim up or down there is an annoying delay to the game resond to it. So if I want a small correction I need to press for about 1 second, which if far too long.

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Hi @ACosta1986!
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It might be helpful to others if you include what you are using for a controller.

I have my elevator trim assigned to a button on my throttle quadrant and its instant response when I press it. It was the same when I was using a keyboard command, instant, not sure what problem you could be having.

Thanks for the reply. I am using a Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog and don’t have any issue with Il-2 or DCS, so I assume it is something to do with MSFS.

Until yesterday I used a T16000M and now a Gladiator NXT, instant trim response in both cases.

Are you experiencing a control input delay as well?
I’ve seen a few videos (aircraft sitting static on the ground) where there’s a noticeable delay/slow down between joystick input and the virtual stick/flight controls movement.

For troubleshooting I would start MSFS with an empty/renamed community folder.
Are you using FSUIPC,etc.?

The only delay I am experiencing is with trimming. I don’t know what FSUIPC is, but I’m not using any mod, tweak, app, etc.

I know what you mean, but since I’m not a real pilot, I always assumed this was normal. FSX did that too… you have to keep the joystick button pressed… then when you finally start noticing the effect, it’s too much… go down again… too much… go up again…

I now try to do ‘click click click’ and count a bit…

So is this perhaps just the airplane needing some time to respond?

I don’t know any airplane IRL that has this delay and I’m in my third type rating right now. And also, it would not make sense when trimming a manual trim aircraft for example, as we are using buttons to move the trim lever or wheel. I will send a video soon to show what I mean.

Well, sorry, I’m unable to send the video here.

I understand what you mean, but I would like to press and hold until I’m happy with the trim.

I disagree. I’ve never experienced any delay in FSX either.

Well that’s my point. Perhaps it reacts like it’s supposed to react, so a real pilot wouldn’t be surprised and not ‘experience’ a delay.

I’m assuming I’m ignorant. Which is usually a correct assumption.

Let’s say that when I ‘trim’, the airplane only responds if I keep that button pressed long enough. Which then almost always seems to be too much - if I keep it pressed till the airplane starts responding. Then you would say: press it less long? But the problem is that it’s unclear how long is long enough.

I think it would help a lot if there was some general ‘trim’ indicator (little window) so we ignoramuses could learn. Perhaps there is? Some visual indicator somewhere?

A single click will affect the pitch attitude, but depending on the aircraft the change might be difficult to notice.
Furthermore trim requires a few moments to affect the pitch attitude, especially if you are using tiny amounts, e.g. single clicks.

If you keep the trim button pushed, the changes will be much greater and the pitch changes much larger.
This might make the impression that there’s a ‘delay’.

AFAIK all MSFS aircraft have pitch trim indicators.


Okay, that’s helpful…

I have a Thrustmaster, same as you had… so what would your advise be? How did you use it? I have trim down / up on two buttons. Do the ‘click’ method and forget about holding the button? Or just get a ‘feel’ for the timing?

Well, since I can’t post videos here it is hard to show what I mean, but I made a video showing the trim button and the trim wheel in C208. There is a delay and I have never seen it in any IRL airplane or any other flight simulator. From the video I noticed that when I first press the button it goes one click and if I keep pressing it then it starts moving as it should but after the delay I’m complaining about. I am trying to get used to the delay and using the trim holding it, but it is really annoying and definetely not accurate.

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I’ve assigned the center button below the hat switch to trim UP, and being left handed the button to the right of the hat switch to trim DOWN.
It’s IMO essential to have to trim button on the top of the stick, since you are using the the same hand to trim and to react to the required pressure change on the stick
(And it’s as close to RL as possible)

The most important point would be not to change the aircraft while you are getting used to realistic trimming.
You will get a feel for how long you need to keep the button pushed to achieve the approximately desired effect.
Nevertheless chances are very slim that you can nail the exactly required trim when keeping the button pushed down for a prolonged time.
Same IRL.
With practise you will notice when you are close to the desired change and stop trimming.
Release the pressure of the stick and if pitch still isn’t stable, add another click, or a short burst.

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I don’t have the sim running now, so I don’t know if what I’m talking about is the same problem. I’ll have a look later to see if my struggles with trim have to do with that. Maybe there’s a setting somewhere to get it to respond faster. Sounds a bit like it’s interpreting one click to start with, then waits to see if you keep it pressed down…

Weird. A single click immediately rotates the trim wheel a tiny amount in the 208 on my install.
Keeping the button pushed and the trim wheel simply keeps spinning without any delay.

That said, trim has again improved in SU V, so hopefully it cures the delay problem for you :slight_smile:

I didn’t know they were looking to improve trimming, I hope it fixes my issue. Thanks.

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I just got the feel for the timing, but it is not ideal in my opinion. Let’s see if the next update fixes it for us.