When I pull the yoke back and hold it there the elevators rise and then fall back to center after 2 seconds. Likewise when I push forward, the elevators lower and snap back after 2 seconds. Not what sure is causing this. I have the Honeycomb yoke and Throttle quadrant. I checked all the bindings and see nothing wrong. I also checked the Auto Pilot settings and see nothing wrong there either. Unless I am missing one. Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can fly again. Thanks Walt

Elevators assigned to an axis and not to elevator up/dn?

It’s a heck of a long time since I used a yoke (use joystick myself) but are you sure that you set it up right. I could be talking absolute nonsense here but have you set it up on the ailerons axis (x axis for left/right) and elevator axis (y axis for up/down). That’s what I would do but as I said, I now use a joystick.

Also, have you any other controllers that are also connected and set up in game acting as ailerons/elevators. If you have more than one controller set up for the same thing the second controller could be returning it to a default setting. Just a couple of ideas for you until you hopefully get a decent answer from someone who actually has a honeycomb yoke.


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Yes I checked all this and everything seems to be OK. What I ended up doing was to reset all controls to DEFAULT and reset all the bindings to what I need and that finally fixed it. But Thank You and Happy Flying to all my fellow pilots out there.

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