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Hi, I have an Elite PI 135 pro panel, avionics stack, and rudder pedals. I use this with the Elite software for instrument instruction. This setup also used to work with the last Microsoft flight sim as well. Just wondering if it will work with the new MFS2020? Thanks!

Hello, I also have elite rudder pedals. At the moment there is no compatibility between pedals and the sim.
I hope the arrival of Fsuipc V7 (few days ago) will help elite devs to update the driver soon.

I emailed Elite a few weeks after MSFS was released inquiring about a driver update for their throttle quadrant. (Also works with their other hardware)
They said they would be working on it, but the lack of information within the SDK at that time made it impossible to estimate a timetable.

Thanks for the reply. I hope so too…

Ok, at least it sounds like they’re addressing it. Thanks for the reply!

As of 12/20/20, Elite’s website is showing compatibility with MSFS Steam Edition. But given there were compatibility issues as recently as 11/7, I am guessing there are still some lacking drivers? Does anyone have updated compatibility info?

I have the Elite Pro Panel, Rudder pedals and Avionics stack. Does anyone know if they are compatible with the new MSFS?

Hello, I also have Elite rudder pedals. for now I can’t use it because the software has not been updated yet. For me I only find the fsx “steam” driver but not a MSFS “steam” driver. I really hope Elite works on a driver using FSUIPC but I think the current pandemic retards the driver release.

Hi all happy new year !

Received that from Elite team today:

Dear Laurent

Thank you for your email, the driver for FS2020 will be released in the next few days. Please follow our website for updates.


“Thank you for your email, the driver for FS2020 will be released in the next few days. Please follow our website for updates.”

LOL! Figures. I checked their website a while ago with no changes and figured they were just never going to do anything. Therefore I just finished rewiring my MEL throttle quadrant so it is now being driven by an Arduino Leonardo.

It is working perfectly in MSFS, but I guess I should have checked here first rather than afterwards. At least it will be easy to change it back when they finally come out with the driver.

happy new year and thank you for these great news! I am very happy to know I will use my rudder pedals again!

You welcome


Hi all

Fs2020 plug-in are available on Elite web page.



Awesome! Now I just need to “unhack” my throttle quadrant. :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Do you have the page/linkn for the actual plug in? The link you posted redirects to their main page. On the support page they have not made any changes to the third party plug in page (or any other pages on the download tab), and I cannot find anything on their knowledge base page.

It works for me when I click the link…
Check the web page is it .ch or .com?

Interesting. Whenever I follow the link, or type it in manually, it does an immediate redirect to https://flyelite.com

I cannot even stop the page from loading fast enough to stop the redirect.

I wonder if it is based on location and forces the redirect based on that. I am in the US, are you in another country?

Yes in France, I can go to both websites and the drivers are only available on the Swiss one.

Thanks. I wonder if the Swiss site blocks visitors from the US.