EMB 110 P1 Payware aircraft - Review

Here is my honest - informal review of the EMB 110. Honest Review part 1


Very nice!

I definitely agree with the review - it’s already a good solid plane and the dev seems pretty serious about supporting and updating it.

It’s also now on the MS Store BUT if you are in the UK at least seriously consider getting it from the Just Flight website rather than the MSFS store because it’s nearly 1/3 cheaper (£22.99 vs £29.24) plus you get points back you can use for a discount on a future purchase

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The only gripe I have, is how do we update this?. And in multilayer if your fellow friend is flying one. The models arnt showing up. Just an invisible aircraft and sometimes some lights. This needs to be fixed

The original installer should have created a NextGen Simulations folder in your windows start menu - in there there should be a link to “Bandeirante MSFS MSStore Updater” and if you run this it should update you to the lateste version of the plane.

Does this fix the invisibility mod haha. Thanks Chris

Well, I got an update notification and consequently the update itself, from Just Flight - where I bought it. And that explains why I bought it there :wink: