Embraer 170-175 series VirtualCol Honest Review

Here is my honest review of the VirtualCol Series for the Embraer 170 series.

I wouldn’t buy from this developer again until they start pulling their act together - rating is low.

Aircraft seem to be rushed, not suitable for MSFS2020 but rather for MSFS2004 or x.

See below for my video link.

Thanks. Mr 305

Perhaps you could have adjusted the engine volume for the external overview talk?

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Yeah… I realised that when I watched it haha. My bad. Microphone closer to mouth next time :grimacing::joy:

Or…external walk around before engine’s on?

My microphone level wasn’t set up correctly. Usually hear me fine with engine on. Not sure why it defaulted on mic volume. Sometimes we have off days :rofl:

The plane is a scam, just like everything that company makes. Good review man, just make sure to verify the audio settings before recording next time!


You put out this review the same day as Virtualcol releases a major update to the plane without adding the update? Not fair.

I don’t think an update will fix this mess… Previous updates on previous products state otherwise