Embraer 170-175 Series

I barely completed a flight in the Embraer 175 from VirtualCol FS Software. What a handful this plane is!

Overall, the plane looks good inside and out. Looks can be a bit deceiving, though.

The plane starts up for you as soon as you spawn into the flight deck. This feels rather strange, as I usually like to get things set up before talking to ATC for my flight clearance. Also, the brakes are relatively strong, so much so that when you try to stop while taxing, the plane might go nose up. Taking off and climbing out seems to be pretty easy, but things get weird again from there. During my flight from Tri-Cities to Atlanta, my plane was overspeeding, causing my controller to vibrate during the entire cruise phase. I tried to change the speed, but the aircraft locked the speed in until I started my descent into Atlanta. Even then, the aircraft maintained the speed itself, and I had no real input except for lowering the flaps.

When I was lined up for approach, the plane had descended well below the 4,000 feet I had expected until I entered the approach pattern. I could not engage the approach mode, as I had to switch the autopilot, navigation, and autothrottle modes off and attempt to land the plane myself. The braking system worked very well once I was on the ground.

As an Xbox simmer, I was happy that we finally got a regional jet, although I thought the Bombardier CRJs would be released before the Embraer ERJs. My biggest fear is that there won’t be an update coming anytime soon, making the ERJ unflyable, another aircraft sitting in the virtual hangar. I hope VirtualCol is working on improving the ERJs, and it would go a long way to hear from them!

I’m not going to dump on VirtualCol, their issues are well known in the flight sim community.
They make lower end aircraft that do appeal to some users.
The best advice I can give you is to research your product thoroughly before you buy it.
There are a lot of similar developers out there.

I agree. The only problem is that on the Xbox, the choices are minimal. I wasn’t aware that VirtualCol had this reputation. I will certainly steer clear of them in the future unless I get the feeling that they’ve made a turn for the better.

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I had a look at their website. An update was released in either late November or early December. I gather that whatever was done in that update might have been undone with SU7, but I could be wrong. It seems that the problems I encountered during my flight today were supposed to be resolved with that update. At this point, it’s challenging to figure out if the issues are with the developer or the ongoing testing problems on the Xbox.

Here’s an ambiguous answer - probably a bit of both.
It will be hard for any developer to keep up with the changes to MSFS.

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So it’s not worth getting ? Just asking

If you want an airliner that looks, acts, and handles like the real one, they are probably not for you.
If you aren’t into fidelity, and just want a “jetliner” to boot around in, they do work.
In this case, you do get what you pay for.

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I got this on PC and for somereason all the MFDs go black and the ATC cuts out - clicking RMB brings it back up only for it to disappear again. I’m fairly noobish so can’t tell if I’m doing something wrong or is it a bug?

This is usually caused by a conflict with another mod/addon.
Ensure you uninstall all other addons, then test.