Enabled resizable bar = +1.3 FPS after SU5

With SU5 being written for XBox which has AMDs version of resizable bar, direct access for the GPU to RAM in large blocks (or something), I wondered if the closed-case of resizable bar not helping, might be reopened.

I updated card bios and mobo bios. Precision X1 shows resize bar enabled, so the system is good to go.

MSFS doesn’t support RB, or rather, it’s not on the NVidia whitelist of games. However there’s a published way to modify the driver profile to enable it using NVidia profile inspector. That’s what I did.

I booted up with the default settings, no RB, with multiplayer off, clear weather, xcub at Meigs field, looking north, in cockpit, engine and avionics off…just spawned in. Identical situation with RB off and on, after relaunching the game.

Off: 58.0
On: 59.3

The numbers bounce around, but those were the values I captured with my cell phone cam.

Not a huge improvement, but definitely not a reduction as was reported previously. I flew around with it on and could find no downside. I plan to leave it that way and see if I notice anything bad.

If anyone else experiments with this, post your results and impressions.

10900k, 3090 FTW3, 471.68 GR, 4K in HDR10.


Can you post a screenshot of your NVidia profile inspector settings or a link to the method ?

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Those 3 values (black font) under Unknown, for the MSFS profile.


Thanks for that

Uhm, I even read where people with Z390’s shouldn’t even mess with this as it will usually cause a performance drop.

However me being me I couldn’t download the tool fast enough.

I had a bios update today too so I’m going have to test more tomorrow morning doing KBVY to KBOS trials but with what I did tonight I’m VERY happy.

Did a sunset run from Bob Hope to John Wayne, full ultra, 5X5 LODs, all traffic, real time AI included and it was a 30FPS lockfest!

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Other people found it counterproductive:

IMHO it’s never a good idea to force a setting through the drivers, if it was of any benefit the developers and nVidia would have enabled it by default.


Big big fan of this so far, small frame rate increase but the smoothness … like cream cheese on a hot bagel.

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So what does this all mean to us mere mortals?

You have a way with words. Lol

Hopefully it means NVidia will enable this by default. I’m just experimenting since the major graphics engine surgery in Xbox/SU5 and the original recommendation of “no rebar” might be different now.

Hoping other adventurous souls try this too and reproduce my results or not.

I’m not really sure what you are trying to accomplish with this.
From my experiece a difference in performance that tiny is hard to test and recreate reliably. So this all might be a placebo effect. Also a difference of 1.3 fps is pretty irrelevant in every day life. And it is especially irrelevant when you are already running close to 60fps since you won’t be able to notice a difference above 40 fps anyway.

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You would if you don’t have an adaptive sync monitor and are aiming to get to 60fps.

But yes, 1.3fps is within the margin of error.

Would love if this was formally supported in MSFS, particularly if it leads to improved smoothness as others have reported above.

Mmm, I’ve just installed nvidia inspector and I don’t have those 3 settings under the unknown tab.

You will now find them properly named:

MSI’s latest Beta BIOS enables RBAR by default. The previous BIOS did not.