Encountered A New Problem

2-3 days ago, when I flew last (doing a 10 hour flight from Dulled to Nigeria for an OnAir job) I got an onscreen notification from the game that some folders or packages were out of date and that I needed to exit the game to update. I forgot the exact terminology the message used. But it gave me a yes/no option. Given that I was 30 minutes from finishing a 10 hour flight I clicked no, thinking I could just easily do this the next time I loaded MSF.

Well that was 2-3 days ago as I stated so I forgot all about what happened until just now when I loaded the game. First problem I noticed is the marketplace absolutely will not load for me. Thought I could fix it by logging out of MSF/Xbox account and log back in. NOPE. Marketplace still won’t load. But it was showing spinning loading wheels so I decided to do the next OnAir flight I need to do and maybe the marketplace will fix itself.

This brings me to problem #2 which is actually the very first thing that changed immediately after getting that message about updating I just told yuou about. The ATC and Co Pilot voices are now NOTHING like there were, it is like 2 robots are talking to each other! Can anyone PLEASE help me!?

Also I now can not select live weather or palyers.

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