End key not working since update 7

Since update 7 my END key does not work
never had a problem before update 7
I tried using 2 other keyboards same problem
I had num lock key off also tried on
Everything else is fine
I look in default keyboard END key there,
external\cockpit view, changing from inside cockpit to outside of plane, vicer versa
anybody has suggestions how to fix this problem would greatly appreciate.
my computer specs Allienware r11
10700kf 4 8ghzhi
32 GB 3400mhz
Samsung 970 DVMe 2 1tb
3080 nividia video card
Dell monotir s32odgf


Hi @WildUmbrella983,
See if this topic assists you:

still having problem
now have only default keyboard says in controls menue
I deleted the 2 custom ones I made up
unfortunately I still cannot get it to work
any other suggestions or something I am missing

Does your keyboard not have a separate block with arrow keys and Insert, Delete, etc. between the QWERTY and numpad blocks?
Mine does, and I always use the End key right at the centre.

yes my logitech keyboard has an insert key and all those arrow keys on the right side of keyboard and they all WORK
except one key does not work and that is the end key, up until update 7 never had this problem
this is extremely frustrating any other thoughts welcomed!

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I had the same problem, and couldn’t fix so I reassigned the camera switch action to the ‘Home’ key at top right hand of the numeric key pad. Which works and is in a suitably distinctive place. Also I had reassigned the ‘Active Pause’ to Ctrl-Z and that didn’t make it past Su7 either, so I now use the default which is (guess what?) the ‘Pause’ key! These were the only SU7 problme for me, though, so all good otherwise.

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let me get this right
since my end key not working for external/cockpit views replace it using the home key as a replacement.
now does this create autmatically, or do I need to make another profile
rigght now I only have the default setup for keyboard
just tell me step by step how I would map home key
this simulator/game is so tempermental

You could use the same profile, assuming you’ve created one? Go to Options/Controls Options then select the device you want to configure (mouse, joystick or keyboard). I usually find it easiest to ‘search by input’ first, then you can see what action is tied to the input you’s selected. Then configure what action you want for the input. It’s not simple to explain so I would recommend looking at some Youtube videos where setting up controls is explained and you can see how it’s done visually.

I will give it a shot this evening, I have to get a tooth extracted in the afternoon I will keep u posted, hopefully it does the trick

wanted to thank u folks helping me out, about the end key not working for external \cockpit views .
I used the home key like u mentioned
steps I took
clicked on options
then controls
I then made a copy of my default keyboard
when I had the copy I then went into search imputs proceeded to delete end and then the new assignment I called it home. then validate and apply and save
I did not have to reboot the sim
thanks once again, SOLVED

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Just out of interest, have you tried remapping the END key now it is working with the HOME key to see if some how unmapping and remapping fixes the issue?

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