Endurance Event 1: IndyPac Race Day and Results Thread

Hi everyone,

The Indian-Pacific Wing Race is only one day away as of the time of this writing.

To record your race results, please post your landing time (in UTC/Zulu) and a link to your simair.io logbook in this thread. Your official completion time is when SimAir logs a “Parked” event in YSSY, as shown in the screenshot below. The deadline to submit your completion time is 2359Z on Wednesday, April 7.

Here is some important last-minute information about flying in the race itself:

Start time: Wheels up at exactly 8am local time in Perth, Australia. Please use this countdown website for the official start time in your time zone. Do not take off early or you will be penalized.

Server: Everyone must fly on the home server of the departure airport, in this case Southeast Asia.

Leaderboard: Community member InTheBlueYonder has created a website that pulls SimAir data and displays everyone’s position and remaining distance in real-time. You can track your position in the standings at gorace.net.

Discord: If you would like to chat with other race participants, feel free to use my Discord server. I have created two voice channels, one for people who don’t mind their voice being livestreamed to Twitch/Youtube/etc. and one for people who want to communicate in private. I highly encourage everyone racing to join one of the chat channels. During the Cannonball Run a few months ago, everyone said this was a great way to enhance the camaraderie of the event and make new friends.

Questions: If you have any questions or need a rule clarified during the race, the best way to reach me is to post your question in the chat of my Twitch channel. Since I’ll be flying the race myself, I won’t be checking this thread during the event.

Charity: While the goal of this race is to have fun with other members of the MSFS community, remember that we are also raising money for a great cause, the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Please donate what you can, and if you’re streaming your race, please ask your viewers to consider donating as well.

Streamers: the following people (listed here in alphabetical order) will be live-streaming their run. Please join their streams to cheer them on and keep them company during the race!

Name Stream Link
Aly Katz https://twitch.tv/alyson_johnson
ArticTern https://twitch.tv/ArticTern
bleeman Twitch
BlueYonder#9259 Twitch
Capt Arash Twitch
CrazyMuffins948 CrazyMuffins - Home | Facebook
DrNoThumb7944 Twitch
Forder#1702 Twitch
Hypertxthero Twitch
Jeff Cat NL Twitch
JSTK3N Twitch
NERIKENAUT http://twitch.tv/nerikenaut
oldfirehead Twitch
OldGrumpyGamer Twitch
Prwoler#8165 https://twitch.tv/Prwoler
pwnshawp Twitch
SeedyL#3205 https://twitch.tv/SeedyL
stw222 Twitch
Tism Tank https://twitch.tv/mspencerwebb
Twenty5Clocks Twitch
Zero36 Https://twitch.tv/Airjay2009

Reserved for future updates (1).

Reserved for future updates (2).

Howdy everyone! If you need something to help keep your endurance up, I may have just the ticket: Jumpseat!

For long hauls and bush trips, take Jumpseat with you! Over 20,000 location-aware radio stations, location intelligence, and dedicated flight-sim radio through JetStream Radio!

The link above should give you all you need to get started! We wish everyone the best of luck in the IndyPac Endurance Event! Safe flying! May the winds be ever in your favor.

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Your aircraft has to be stationary on the ground with the parking brake engaged. The engine can still be running.

Starting a tad late but better late than never!!

eventTime: 2021-04-04T10:35:34.485Z


:sunglasses: :partying_face:

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eventTime: 2021-04-04T12:44:38.347Z
type: PARKED

The leaderboard shows i’m in like 37th due to respawning after finishing, but I finished 6th-ish?

edit: added event marker instead of UTC finish time.

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During take-off from Adelaide, I lost internet connection due to a home network glitch.
The sim threw up several messages that enabled me to determine while still flying (…following the old adage—“Fly the Plane!”) what had happened.
100 nm later, I realized that my link with simair/GoRace did not re-establish after I cleared the network issue.
I just continued on to Sydney in a single leg.

eventTime: less than 2021-04-04T11:18:00.000Z


Landing time: eventTime: 2021-04-04T14:09:24.840Z

It was a totally clean run, EXCEPT, one small hiccup at the event takeoff. I set up, got ready, loaded it, and couldn’t see anyone… Feared maybe weather or something was off. So, I bailed out, and changed the live player setting, and ensured weather/time was LIVE. Loaded back in with fractions of a second to get rolling. Just off the ground I realized it didn’t carry over the full fuel, so I quickly corrected that. I didn’t actually end up needing the fuel (my first stop had 53% fuel remaining). Just wanna be fully upfront about that.

I’m 100% sure the WX was operating during the entire run (my strategy utilized the weather).

My stream is a VOD as well.



I’m too tired to edit down the time… maybe when I wake up on Monday :stuck_out_tongue:


Landing time: eventTime: 2021-04-04T14:46:02.727Z

Final position was down to a matter of seconds so…next race I’m going to watch the clock on refuels like a hawk cos my first take off after a refuel stop was a whole 90 seconds later than it should have been.

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Event time parked eventTime: 2021-04-04T14:58:52.730Z



Sydney parking =
eventTime: 2021-04-04T15:18:29.043Z



eventTime: 2021-04-04T15:39:16.156Z
type: PARKED

First leg was not recorded, Simair kept displaying the loading screen thingie…

And i started with everyone else at Seedy’s countdown

Landing Time @ YSSY = eventTime: 2021-04-04T14:46:37.017Z

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Landing time YSSY: 2021-04-04T15:30:08.295Z

First leg didn’t get recorded, streamed the whole flight. Was fun again!!


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Parking time at YSSY: 2021-04-04T10:58:26.120Z

After testing simair before the flight it worked but then it did not log during flight. Realized it after over an hour in. Landed at the closest airport (YRAV), rebooted everything, waited 10 minutes at the airport so the landing counts as refuel as mentioned in the forum, and went on.

YSSY Park Time: eventTime: 2021-04-04T16:42:04.405Z Parked

eventTime: 2021-04-04T17:07:38.807Z
type: PARKED

SimAir didn’t record my first leg, but started recording after the first reful stop when I restarted everything. Also I had 2 CTDs near YWWL, which held me up for around 1/2 hour.