Engaging NWS when not in the F/A 18 causes steering issues

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Brief description of the issue:
If you accidently engage the NWS on a plane other then the F/A 18, you loose nose wheel steering, with no way to toggle it back on (while on the ground)

Which aircraft in particular?

208 and the baron havent tried it in anything else. Have a button bound to engage NWS (tried the reverse toggle as well) and if you push it while on the ground you loose you nose wheel steering, if you press it again nothing happens still no NWS.

Was pretty fun this morning when it first happened because all I had was rudder control, so I had to speed up to 30 knts to get the rudder to kick in and then make wide wide turns on a narrow air strip, when I landed it was the same, no NWS … great fun. LOL ;p Made be feel like a real pilot.

I have decided not to assign any keys to NWS. In F-18, I turn the NWS switch to High (the other option being “norm”) before a flight and that does the job perfectly well. It’s literally two taps - one to select Normal and the other to select High.

That way there won’t be any problem with any other aircraft.

On Xbox when you start with the FA 18 steering on the ground works well. But when you landed on any airport. Steering doesn’t work so taxi on the ground is not possible since the new update.

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Turn on the NWS as shown in the video below to steer the aircraft

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You miss the point, its not about using it in the F/A 18, its that you can engage it in other aircraft which then disables the steering for the G/A plane, but repeated toggles, wont toggle it back on…

That’s why don’t assign a key in the settings. Simply click twice on the NWS on the stick in F-18 cockpit view and you are good to go for the take-off and landing control.

Simple case of the F-18 being the only plane that requires you to turn on NWS. Everybody else pre-sets the steering values for you and turns them on by default.

When you engage the hotkey, you are messing up those pre-set steering angles, so the plane’s NWS stops working. The sim is doing exactly what it’s told.

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So then it was my fault. In the early builds there were no NWS. So it’s actually a feature. That’s good just me not knowing it. Thanks for advice