Engine failures

no to both questions

All aircraft, or just one?

check your settings you can program engine failures after so much time…

Interesting I am having engine failure during a flight every time when I hit he esc key and go to graphics adjustment does not matter what I adjust the engine will stop after I return to the flight and I have to use control E to restart the engine. Anyone els having this problem? Thanks

This has nothing to do with Graphics Adjustments.

it is your Failures settings. Or perhaps you just don’t know how to fly an airplane? :\

There is a specific menu item for Failures


all that above being said, there are some quirky glitches, but this simulator does a really good job of modeling real world flying. It’s not going to make you a real world pilot, but a real world pilot can definitely relate to the level of detail. Also as real world pilot that knows the airports that I fly to, and compared to this sim it’s actually laughable but overall, for being what it is, it is pretty impressive.

Well I guess this will be my last post. I am a real pilot single and multiple engine. Beta tester for Microsoft and flying simulators since 1982. If you don’t understand my post please don’t answer with these type of responses.

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@NineMile1 - while the linked thread below refers to electrical problems, you might share a common problem whereby yours might be due to duplicate mapped or incorrectly mapped commands on your controllers? Worth a quick look at your Controls Setup at least.

Thank you for your suggestions.

  1. No duplicate mapped commands
  2. No items in community folder.
  3. It happens with any aircraft
    Only possible situation is after a certain time period. I will check.
    Further info: I am looking at my frame rate while flying and if it is to low or to high I will hit ESC Key and go to my graphics adjustment if I do not change anything no problem when going back to the flight. If I make any change like change any selection from High to Ultra and go back to the flight “the engine or engines will stop” Control E to restart them and continue the flight.

It’s almost like the same problem I have when saving a flight in mid-air and reloading it after. Similar outcome - i.e., none of the avionics states were preserved, AP is off, heating systems didn’t take effect etc.

What’s odd is that Graphical Changes shouldn’t touch engine status. Very odd.

The only item I did not mention is after you make the change in the graphics you have to save the changes. So is saving the changes creating the problem? I will also check if it reacts the same way if I am on the ground?

How you’re invoking a pause may be worth investigating.

ESC is the only choice for you because it’s the only way to get to Main Menu if Graphics is to be changed.

However. I wonder what happens if you try Active Pause and Set Pause (distinct settings, may require you to dig into your keyboard command mappings to see if they’re mapped and to what keys). If using one or the other, then returning back to flight, do you get the same dead engine effect?

Like you set ESC is the only way to get to the Main Menu. Using the active pause has no effect to engines when releasing the pause.

Bizarre. Given you have a slightly different chain of events than the Original Poster, may I suggest you file a bug report as well. Not sure if you’ll get a resolution but it’s still worth raising.

This sounds very similar how the toolbar windows used to reset position when changing a setting. AFAIK that has been fixed. Possibly related.

Possible solution in this thread

@NineMile1 @PaintedStew0

Your mixture setting is at 0%. Increase it and the issue will stop, even if the Aircraft has no Mixture.

Thank you NineMile1 :wink: I am having similar engine failure during a flight when i hit the esc key and go to adjust (or not) something. Also, i am having engine failure when i start the game at the threshold of a runaway for some aircraft (not all).

Thanks this Mixture adjustment got it working again. On the Hotas Throttle there is a lever that you can adjust forward+ backwards- somehow it got moved that created the problem Thanks

I am sorry. that was not my intention to come off as a jerk like that