Engine startup animation so blades start spinning more gradually


I noticed that when you first start the engines on some aircraft, the blades start spinning rapidly! It would be much more realistic if you can actually start to see the blades turn and gradually speed up as the engines start up. I’ve seen this on the default 747-8, A320, and this happens on props, too.

If you know what I mean! Obviously during the start up itself, it sounds absolutely realistic and fantastic!

All the jet engines in this game spool up too fast to be anywhere realistic. From idle to 100% N1 should take at least 5-6 seconds not 2, of course this depend on the jet engine type and size.

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Agree. Right now engines go from stop to full throttle on default aircrafts. Very unrealistic and visually awful.

And the FBW is not ideal for me, last time I try it ate too much FPS.


Yes for the default aircrafts this is something that has to be changed but i think we all agree that there are also bigger issues that should be fixed first :confused: Currently I use the FBW mod and yes performance is not always the best but there are ongoing improvments in that area :smiley: So the idea is great but for me it should not have the highest priority. First Asobo should fix some more anoying things in their default aircrafts :cowboy_hat_face:


Absolutely right, exactly what I think. This is one of the most important aspcets of immersion, but many people don’t seem to care about it.

Let’s face it, when the engines of an A320 spool up to 50% in 1 second, it feels like a toy plane! Heavy jet engines have to spool up slow to 50% and from there to 100% faster.

I am really PRAYING that they will implement this :slight_smile:

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This is not at the top of my wish list given the number of other items that I think takes priority but I think it is nevertheless a nice thing to have at some point in the future.

With the PMDG DC-6 release, I’ve been seing videos of engine start and the transition between different speeds is jarring. You can clearly see when the prop state changes. This feels like a consequence of how the propeller states are defined. The documentation does mention that more states may be defined.

Recently, DCS has completely revamped their prop simulation resulting in the animation of rotating components looking smooth across different speeds without a performance hit. In contrast to propeller state mesh definitions of MSFS, only a single propeller blade is modeled as a 3D object. This allows the simulator itself to render propellers across different speeds with no jarring transitions consistently across all aircraft rather than rely on the developer.

You can see a fan inside the cockpit demonstrating the effect of simulating the rotation of each blade as it smoothly speeds up and down when interrupted in this video.

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Just voted. I think this is a plain port from FSX and how things used to be back then. Doesn’t seem like they’ve done anything in this regard for FS2020. I hope this will be improved.


Got my vote. Yes there are other more important aspects that need correcting in the sim first, but still, I think this is needed at some point.

Attention to detail, that will make the sim stand out above the rest.


Voted, I really wish a better prop animation à la DCS, my DC-6 would be so much more enjoyable to look at with this!

It is a minor issue tho, but it’d be great!
Got my vote o7

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This too has my vote as all turbine / turbo fan animations start way to quickly and for example on a 747 once the engines have been spooling up the fan should stay motionless for at least 6-8 seconds and then very slowly spool up. The N1 & N2 are way out of sync.


This is a bugbear for me also.

Piston engines should also lurch during cranking due to compression.

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