Engine Thrust drops to Idle after TO

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In the FlyByWire A32NX Immediately after wheels leave the ground on T.O. the engines reduce thrust from TOGA to 20% no matter there throttle levers are at in fact sim does not respond to throttles at all. This all started 1 day ago I have totally removed and re-installed sim and FlyByWire mod, running dev in this video but can reproduce in stable. I do not get the issue in the standard A320 form MSFS.

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I have video

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At runway initiate TO, go to TOGA, reach V and lift off, Engines drop to 20%.

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i7-7700 32gig ram windows 10. TCA Airbus joystick and throttle quadrant.

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SU9 update

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Do a clean install of the plane and make sure you are on 0.7.5, which has a fix specifically for throttle going to idle.


Well I did clean install of current Stable, also read a post about Auto Throttle being set at 100kts to start. Sure enough set spd to 210kts and plane took off fine. Never had to worry about that before but learning lesson here. All seems back to normal now.
Thank you

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