Engines Off?

I notice some of my planes that used to start on the runway with engines on now are off. Why would this be and is there a quick way to start the engines? Is this a known problem withe the CRJ700?

Try Ctrl-E to start the engines.
The CRJ is an import.
Any time the sim is upgraded, you can expect issues, particularly with planes that aren’t native to the sim.

Tried Ctrl-E no luck. Also noticed the imported F-15 is too slow to take off.

It could also be a mod conflict, try removing everything from the community folder except the CRJ and then try. I have heard of the odd time when emptying the Rolling Cache also helped in similar issues with default aircraft, so it might help here as well.
Otherwise than that, there isn’t much that can be done unless someone finds a “fix”.

The F-15 speed is probably due to the sim changes.

Here’s my list of planes which no longer work after the latest update:

F-15 (imported), F-16, CRJ700, A330, 737-800, 747-400

Do these work for anyone else?