Enhance Environmental Aircraft Sounds

Hello Flyers

Just cruising along in the Baron here and I hear engine noise, flaps and gear sounds But I’m noticing the lack of squeaks, rattles, shudders, vibration and air sounds.

Some inflight creaks and rattles that react to the plane movement would be great…more runway noises and airport atmosphere would also be nice.

I wonder if this would be a good add-on from a third party developer?

Anyone else think the sim is missing some immersive audio?

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The sound engine remarkably resembles what FSX and previous versions offered. Very limited options. My guess is that addon aircraft makers will incorporate their own sound engines into products.

In the meantime, the folks at FBW have been tinkering with sound improvements for the 320 and that ambience is nice, so there are some limited possibilities now that others can build on with default aircraft.

My biggest gripe with all aircraft is the lousy sound quality when increasing or decreasing throttle.

So msfs uses WWISE which is a very good engine. I am one of the sound devs for flybywire and I hope you enjoy using the sound improvements. There are things that are not directly related to sound such as when you go to 50% thrust it over shoots by like 20% which in turn kinda ruins the sound. I am doing my best here but some issues are just so hard to tackle…

Just took a flight in X-Plane and it made me realize how much improving audio for all the default aircraft should be high on the wish list of fixes. Engine sounds, cockpit noise, external wind and rain sounds, airport atmosphere etc.

This could be an amazing opportunity for a 3rd party developer to create more immersive audio in the Sim!

This is already done. Look up FTSim+

I have high hopes in this: http://www.fsrealistic.com

It’s from the same developer who made xp-realistic which was really awesome.

Great you did an awesome job on the bell 47! I can’t wait to hear what awesome sounds you could do for a bell uh-1 in msfs! I would pay $100 for that! Oh sorry flybywire I was thinking flyside

I dont get your question. Wich default aircraft sounds better in xp11 then msf?