ENMH Mehamn - AeroSoft or OnFinal?

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Does anybody here have a comparison of those two versions (AeroSoft versus OnFinal)?
I want to purchase one of them, so any decision help is appreciated :slight_smile:

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I originally posted a positive review for AeroSoft ENMH, but wanted to update here that I discovered the installation of that airport removes ground services for ALL airports in the entire sim. I was able to isolated this one airport as causing the problem so recommending not getting AeroSoft.

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That problem has been fixed in the latest update.

I contacted Aerosoft a few weeks ago and they said they would contact flythreepeaks so that’s great news. I can only get from marketplace (xbox), so hopefully this update will be available soon from there. Thanks for the info.

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…about 2 years later, in 2024, Aerosoft still have NOT updated the marketplace ENMH v1.0.0.0 (global ground service bug) to v1.0.1.0!

Aerosoft only bothered to update the copy in their own shop (PC only). The fix has been available there since 2022 I believe.

And the marketplace problem has been brought to Aerosoft’s attention in their own forum long after the fix was published in their store.

@AerosoftDev , can you offer us any comfort in this rather sad story?

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