Enough Complaining

Here’s my little thread of things I really like in msfs…

Just kidding :grin: So my top ten likes at the moment are:

  1. The exhaust haze and how the blur effect works on the aircraft and scenery.
  2. The cockpit lighting.
  3. Cold and dark starts. Now try them at night and look for all the buttons!
  4. Start-up procedures and animations.
  5. Brave push-back trolley operators who will even PB a single prop with enging running (the serious point is the animated ground mechanics and apron personnel - great marshallers too).
  6. Getting a 30000 litre fuel truck all to myself when a bucket and funnel would have done. I like this purely for the humerous moment.
  7. Courchevel!
  8. Recognising cities I know from the air and at night. The ground lighting recognisability is a joy.
  9. Crosswind landings and turbulence.
  10. Clouds, fog as well. Makes life interesting when you’re suddenly stuck in the soup at low level - and unlike previous versions you don’t have that visibility bubble all around you.

Anyway, so far so good. There is still the caveat that MS and Asobo have a LOT of work to do, but thank the deity of your choice that we still have ORBX, IRIS, A2A, Carenado and others who are taking up the slack and showing you what can be done.

Summary? I generally like msfs 2020 a lot already.


By the way: I very nearly took my maglite torch from the desk to find my way around the cockpit…


I’ve now done lots of flying with very minimal issues. Coping with the GPS now and loving the sim. Just want A2A to get that Comanche ready!

Alt - l will solve your nighttime cockpit adventure!

There is a flashlight you know that right ? Bind in your controls and be amazed :slight_smile:

I’d like to complain about the complaining about the complaints :joy:

How can anyone complain about the complaints? These complaints are completely valid. Complaining about the complaints is just ignoring reality.

It is what is it.

well im going to file a zendesk complaint about your complaints to the complaints of the complaining in the forums!

Take that!


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:joy::joy::joy::joy: if there is irony their is still humour in this world :earth_americas:. I wish we had an lol or PMSL rather than just a heart for comments .

As long as I remain Chairman of the Irony Board, we’ll be OK.

Depends on the complaint.

The title is a good way to get me to complain, just out of spite.

I’m told I have a problem with authority, but I think it’s more likely that I’m just talented at being a jerk.

Yep, they are for sure showing what can be done alright.

Get a model from an older sim, import it in to SDK, do some low effort adaptation, send it to market place with $$ price tag. Enjoy the cash flow from non-refundable sales.

To be frank, its been two weeks and I am surprised that more developers didn’t picked up the same sting.

This was meant to be a thread of things I like. I can now add another - Night Flight!. OK, not so much the airports - the lighting is weird: floating lights with no masts.

I also like the ground textures - I worked at Airbus (EDHI Finkenwerder) for a couple of decades and flew a fair few “you have” hours around the area. Stade, Buxtehude, Hamburg, Bremen. The recognisability is great at 3000’ OK, the buildings are autogen, but my several home locations are easily recognisable.

Here, for instance, is Finkenwerder, home of Airbus in Hamburg. Any Boeing guy would recognise this…

Boeing - Best Of Engineering In North Germany :wink:

In the one shot you can see Hamburg in the near distance too - that also has a runway 05. Perhaps it’s no surprise that we had a non-German commercial flight land at Finkenwerder at least once. That caused a stir, I can tell you.

“It is what is it”?