Enroute weather reports when flight planning

Could you please add functionality to the flight planning so one knows what weather to expect enroute, as well as on destination with active runways etc. So a weather report system for the live weather. METAR, Winds aloft, Air pressure etc.

There desperately needs a way to simply view the live weather (winds/cloud layers) ahead of time. Simply load the live weather into the already-present weather editor would do the trick. Then you can review before deciding.


Currently it is very hard to plan a flight because there’s no way to see the weather conditions at your desired altitude. Being able to see the cloud profiles/winds and metars in the flight planning sections would be very helpful.

Rex to the rescue? (The link goes to an MSFS offering! - but only coming soon)

Use Simbrief for flight planning. It incorporates weather.

Will it reflect the weather from the Sim?

No. It uses real world weather. But if you have Live weather turned on in MSFS then it will match.

Good idea!