Entire PC freezes when loading in with FSLTL injected

For the first 2 days I had FSLTL, it worked fine, great addon. Now, starting yesterday, it freezes my whole PC, numlock doesn’t respond, about 6-12 mins after spawning. I have to hold my PC’s power button and restart. Anyone know how to fix this? Spawning at KPDX, route to KSFO in PMDG’s 737-700, N233LV Southwest Heart One livery.

I would suggest you contact them on their discord:

or their website FAQ may offer some help:

I’ve figured out that it only happens at KDPX, and it is quite annoying. I have to restart my PC, and it’s really slow after I restart, so I have to restart it again… Any way to make DPX flyable?

I was headed for KSEA, setting my transponder on the runway, about to take off, when it just froze. I don’t remember exactly what numbers I had for payload, so, for now, I’m gonna say goodbye to FSLTL and use default Asobo traffic (augh)