Entire terrain tile covered with water in Alaska

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Countless airports.

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Complete terrain tile covered with water in Alaska near A70 (Alaska bush trip, leg from PAPE to A79 towards the end)

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See above

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Fly near A79, ideally by doing the bush trip

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Still MS Store

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No, I didn’t even knew it exists.

Unless someone were to do the bush trip, it’s going to be really hard for anyone to ever find that mountain without coordinates. Just for future reference, if you ever want to get coordinates, there is an option in Developer Mode to show your position.

56.209607451250264, -158.7773596501108

I derived that from the VFR map in the screenshot easily :wink: Dev Mode might ruin achievements and bush trip progress, so I never turned it on so far.

I spawned at the location you gave me, and it doesn’t look like the same mountain. Can you verify?

Well, it might have been a data streaming issue or data corruption. It’s hard to tell without proper debugging aids.

Is it the same mountain, though? Wanted to see if this can be closed or not but I’m not sure if this is the same mountain.

It’s worth noting that at least some parts of Alaska (which used to have extremely poor data) were greatly improved with the second USA World Update, so there is a good chance it’s the same mountain but with more accurate data (and the tile fixed of course).

@N316TS Think I’ve found the mountain in question, it’s a little further away from the one pointed to by the co-ordinates. The area looks very similar, but the imagery and mesh seem to have been updated (plus the river on the left of the image is not correctly matched to the vector data anymore). Therefore I think this can be considered resolved.

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Thank you! That does look like the same shape to me. I’ll wait a little while for @saschpe to see it, but it looks like we can close this out.

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Please proceed.

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