Environment too bright

I see the nice opening picture of Mount Fuji but in the sim nothing looks like this? So here are 3 pictures for comparison.

  1. Microsoft picture of Mount Fuji
  2. Flight Sim picture of Mount Fuji “BAD”
  3. Flight Sim picture corrected in Photoshop. “GOOD”

So the environment needs to be adjusted or turned down by Microsoft.
Hoping someone looks at this because I have had no luck with Zendesk reporting.

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The sim became 10 times more pleasing the day I opened nvidia controls and played around there, ofcause assuming you have a nvidia card. Especially gamma transforms the picture quality. Like using photoshop in the sim.

which are the correct settings for control panel NVIDIA you made?

Yes I have a RTX2070 and adjusting the gamma does work but with side effects. Like now the cockpit is to dark. I believe the adjustment should be made for both external lighting and internal lighting.

You are quite right. I find myself searching for the flood/instrument lights all the time. Only time will tell if this is fixed. Trade off!?!

Really I dont think there is a correct setting. What I did, if I can remember was to put the sim in windowed mode alt enter?? and then open the control panel and you can see the effects immediately. Remember the defaults and then just go slowly and see what each setting does. For me gamma and color vibrancy was the key. Hue dont use.

With nvidia geforce you can always use the the game filters to apply post processing effects that can improve contrast, brightness and many other options. I’m 100% sure the loading screen image has been post processed in some way