EP24 Adventure Through The Skies - Back on the Caribbean Odyssey

Join @FarIslePilot and mefor an odyssey through the Caribbean Islands while discussing the simulator, its latest updates, speculations for the future and the state of the flight simulation community around the world.
Feel free to come ask questions and fly with us!

Flight plan: Ep_24_-_Caribbean_Odyssey_Part_III.pln - Google Drive
We are taking off of TLPC George Charles Airport and flying all the way to Trinidad and Tobago!

Multiplayer Info:
Server: East USA
All Players
Traffic: At your Discretion
Weather & Time: At your Discretion
Aircraft: Cessna 208 Grand Caravan or similar, cruising at ~130Kts (+/- 10kts)

Flight Time Scheduled to 2021-02-05T00:00:00Z2021-02-05T02:00:00Z

We will also stream the flight on twitch at Twitch
Catch up on our other podcast episodes: Adventure Through The Skies - A Microsoft Flight Simulator Podcast • A podcast on Anchor
MSFS Discord: https://discord.gg/msfs

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tech difficulties, event hasn’t started yet.

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It was as usual, an excellent flight/landings/scenery and conversation experience.

We did speak about having Shared Cockpit functionality and I agree that it would be great and I have voted for it.

Hopefully there is only one vote going on and I voted for the right one.

At times it seems that we have votes for the same or similar items going on in multiple threads. I don’t know if MS and Asobo combines these votes.

Lets hope we get it soon and that they combine the votes from multiple threads

It was also great talking about the next few upgrades coming the the next few weeks. What a great job MS and Asobo are doing in this great simulator!

I truly admire the product that they have put together for us and look forward to many more years of combined collaboration and product improvement.

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