Erratic knobs using mouse in VR

Anyone recently start experiencing knobs turning by themselves when clicking with L mouse button? It seems like L mouse button now turns the knob without needing to scroll? This makes it impossible to select specific numbers such as altitude or heading, etc. as the selection goes crazy (ie. -990000 altitude, random heading numbers, etc). Makes autopilot unusable unless you scroll with mouse without clicking L mouse button and hope you can find the setting somewhere on the onboard screens. This does not occur while on the ground and taxing. So weird, was fine a few weeks ago. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Yes I was just venting about that. Very disappointing and frustrating.

So seems like its a hit or miss each time I play. On the ground, all knobs work well, once in the air the controls seems to change with the knobs turning either left or right depending on mouse positioning? So weird. Anyone else experiencing this? Yesterday worked fine, today back to this again, frustrating.

Hey flight sim fans, any new info on this topic? I read many forum posts, tried legacy vs. lock, and Id like to keep the lock mode. Anything else I can try? A few days ago worked fine, now back to this again. Left clicking on knobs starts selecting random numbers. Again, weird thing it works fine while on the ground. This is ruining the sim for me. Any help appreciated!!