Error Code 0x80070020

Good evening, Im very very frustrated. After trying to install the new update via store, I got the error code.
I tried to solve this via the description from msfs with all advices, but nothing helped. So its the second time, I have to uninstall this game…

The message came again after the deinstalling. Very interesting. I rebooted and the error came after trying to install the app. This appears never before.

I found a way but it could not be for this game in the future:
When I asked, where I want to install the app, I switched not to C again.
Now, the installation process is at working for the next 8 hours…
What caused this stupid issue? Kaspersky? I stoped it for the update but the error code said hello again.
Now I hope, the installation process will finished tomorrow.

my system: windows 10 pro, Insider 20H2.

regards and mery christmas

I am sorry to read about your problem.
I have moved your post into the new Bugs & Issues category that launched today. If you keep your post in the old one, it will be closed within a week.

same issue here!! very disappointed!

we have currently only one case in forum:


Possible it helps…

Try this:

worked for me!!

Thank you Jorge, but I think about some statements about ms2020. Long time ago, It doesnt matter, that I used fsx mods for myselves to approve my sim. But today In my opinion, a sim of a very big company with a lot of developers and a company of asobo I expect a sim who works and I dont like to influence my regestry files or something else. I did it after the first not working download from ms store. MS store is very very bad in my opinion and it should work without any issues. But we all know, what difficulties are on microsoft the last 20 years. So I will move to steam and kick this sim from store away, when the next update from store isnt working.

regards. and mary christmas all here :- :wink:

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I am no computer expert- but I had the same issue and looked online for tips on how to resolve- as I got little help from Microsoft. I followed one recommendation that seemed easy enough. I disabled my Virus screening software (Defender/McAfee) and then restarted the Windows update. It seems like the update worked and the problem is resolved. I then started up the virus screen again.

so mcafee virus-scanner have still an issue witch msfs :-/… former we know that only from windows-defender.

but anyway… I recommend for such big games to set an “runtime protection” ( not for a single scan ) exception for the game install folder. I have all my Flightsims and steam install folder set in this way. From time to time I let run a single-virus-check with the includes these folders.

Thank you. I am not sure I know how to do that! :slight_smile:

found this the McAffee Service page:

  1. Open McAfee
  2. Go to Settings ( right corner )
  3. PC-Settings → Real-Time Scanning
  4. Choose Excluded files and Add folders…

But I not use McAffee, so I’am not sure :slight_smile:

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