Error in ATC Communication

When I contact TWR and get let´s say a “make a straight-in for RWY26L” my pilot acknowledges with “Cleared to Land RWY 26L” which is something totally different.

Yeah ATC right now basically doesn’t work.

You’ve got the azure overload voice problem, the not hearing any other aircraft talking to ATC problem, the procedures out of order problem and the pilot voice changing to female problem. Quite how they managed to mess up FSX’s ATC so much when it worked just fine, I don’t know. Submit a zendesk ticket and, hopefully, it’ll all get fixed eventually.

Azure is working fine for me today. Try it and see?

You must be funny :slight_smile: As far as I can tell it carried over all the shortcomings of FSX version. ATC in any of those is just a toy to look at and then shut down and ideally move to IVAO/VATSIM IMO before you learn any of the bad habits displayed on the in-built ATC.

Yeah it was fine the whole day, hope it stays

ATC is based off the type of flight and direction. For GA flights it is better and for airliner flights just ignore and become a rebel scum (star wars ref) and fly at your will.

Just ignore? I paid 120 Euros just to let you know

Sorry, this is more a GA sim. I did have the chance to find that out as a Beta tester but under the NDA could not say anything to the public about how BAD the ATC is for airliners. No I have not purchased the sim yet until they fix alot of issues including this one

I am not even talking about airliners. Over the last 3 days, I have been just flying with GA. And ATC is horrible with GA too. All the directions I receive from ATC is just unrealistic and impossible to keep with. On approach, it asks you to descend and maintain 2000FT, when you are 7 miles away, suddenly it asks you to go FL15? During IFR flight with Cessna 172, it asks you to climb and maintain FL18, does it even know the max altitude for Cessna??? :roll_eyes: :expressionless:

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Yea sorry again. I ignored the instructions when I flew GA. I just followed all the freeways I took trips on and marvelled at all the stores and gas stations on the way to other cities. Matrix, you want the red pill or blue. Red pill- they are working on it and it will be fixed soon. Hehehaa. Blue pill - It is a scenery simulator. :upside_down_face:


Just so you know, fl18 is 1800 feets. The ATC is actually correct in that case, it told you to descend from 2000 to 1500ft (Fl20 to FL15).

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You are right, my mistake. However it was FL180 then, because ATC do not use the term FL in this game. :unamused: I just told that to explain but made a mistake :sweat_smile:

There should not be any assigned FL below the Transition Level (TA+1000ft min) as FLs are calculated on the 1013 hPa/29.91 in pressure level and not the local QNH. In case of extreme low pressure areas flying low level on standard altimeter setting is a recipe for a CFIT.

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I am fully aware of that, however, this is the default ATC we are talking about, not perfect, never was, never will be ^^

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