ESMS Malmo Airport CTD ntdll.dll error

Since latest update i have permanent CTD issues with ESMS Malmo Airport.
I thought it was Orbx issue, but the crashes are still there with payware aiport disabled.
Event viewer says its a ntdll.dll error.
the weird part is that all other airports ( payware or default) are working fine with out any issue, so i dont think its a system issue.
If someone has the same ctd let me now

Spawned on runway, works fine.

Please provide more details if that is not what you mean.

Definitely a tough one. I would do an app repair in Windows settings- apps- msfs- advanced- repair. If this doesn’t help go for the cmd commands mentioned here:

Good luck

thanks for your replies, Yes i already run those commands everything was fine ( no errors etc)
the weird part is that affects only ESMS and no other airport.
If it was a system issue would affect all airport’s and MSFS in general

Solved by deleting UserCfg.opt
…weird things
thanks for your help

Is this part of the issue that has been acknowledged by both Asobo and Orbx? I think I read there was a workaround posted on the Orbx forum by one of their tech guys.

I have had repeatable CTD at Orbx Landvetter (can take off but CTD before the flaps are up) - 100% repeatable.

Also have Malmö but I haven’t been into or out of that airport for a while.