Essential Package Update loop - After PC power off mid update

Hi All, hope you are having a good evening.

I have a problem tonight with the updating of the lastest update During the update (about half way through the download) I lost power. Restarted and all was fine with the PC, however on launching MSFS the Installation manager is displayed for only a second and then it continues to load.

Once loaded on the welcome screen, the version shows, but I get the “Essential Packages Update” message box (as is mentioned in a number of different posts) however in my situation this is not related to the xbox live login, which is fine. If I click “Update later” I can use the sim but all of the airports are missing (and possibly more). If I click “Install”, it goes back to installation manager which flashes up for a second, but then continues to load without updating and so it goes on.

I think I need to clear out a partial update from when I lost power so that the system re-downloads it but I’ve no idea where to look now that there is no content.xml file any more (or if there is I don’t know where to find it)

The community folder is empty (and was during the installs)

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 210802

Are there any updates showing in the Content Manager?

Hi, content manager is all up to date. I thought that might be what it was too, and it updated Germany and there was a small update for France too, but that all looks ok.

I took a video of the update loop and then paused it just as the installation manager flashes up. As you can see, it thinks its complete, but I think its been corrupted when the power went off.

See if Repairing the Xbox app may help (don’t do Reset as that may wipe out your MSFS install). Check for MS Store updates (in particular Gaming Services). If nothing there, repair Gaming Services. Then restart your device.

I think I may have fixed it.

I went to my MSFS installation folder E:\MSFS\Official\OneStore and sorted the folders by date modified.

I could see that 6 folders had been updated arround the time of the update and with todays date. I took a back up copy of these folders and deleted the originals from the onestore.

I then started MSFS and it noted that files needed to be installed. It re downloaded the mising files and went through to the welcome screen.

I then went to content manager and noted that the earlier updates for Germany needed to be installed again. I installed them and loaded a flight with one of the default aircraft as my community folder was still empty at this point.

The flight loaded and worked as expected.

I closed the sim cleanly, restored my community folder and restarted the sim and all seems normal.

So far, so good. :crossed_fingers:

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When you say, “I lost power” what do you mean?

Did your house lose power and your PC shut down because you don’t have it on an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Or did the PC simply shut down in the middle of an update?

If the former, buy a UPS.

If the latter, you might want to upgrade your computer’s power supply. My GPU works really hard (and uses a lot of power) during the early menu screens. It’s one of the reasons I recently upgraded from an 850W to a 1000W power supply.

You really think people are going to hook up game PCs to a UPS? :smiley: The thing is loud, expensive and big. I’ll take the chance of a power failure any day of the week above such an obnoxious thing in my house.

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Pardon me, good Sir, but I would never run a PC without one. Maybe if I had a big whole-house solar power system with redundant battery power. Now that would be an expensive UPS.

My UPS is the size of a toaster, silent (unless the power goes out, then it beeps at me) and it the cost the same as a quality computer power supply (which has no protection against blackouts.)

I think it borders on insanity to put an expensive gaming system at the mercy of power blackouts.

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It might be geolocation dependent, but in my 30 years of PC experience I have never ever once experienced a power blackout on my PC.

And even if a blackout would occur, the PC would power off.

I’m aware of the existence of power spikes. But again, given the stability and maturity of the power grid over here, my opinion is that a UPS is completely unnecessary. On a server with a lot of open HDD files, sure. But a gaming rig?

“Geolocation dependent…” :rofl:

I live in the lightning capital of the US. And all PC’s are vulnerable. Disk I/O happens. Granted, a solid-state drive is less vulnerable than a platter drive, but still.

You do you, friend. Every PC, router, firewall has a sine-wave, AVR UPS. It’s just best practice (in my humble opinion as an IT Manager, of course.)

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I accidentally kicked the off switch on the socket. Anyway, problem resolved as I mentioned above.

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Awesome, I am so happy for you!
I also have decades of PC experience and, due to my location and weather patterns, wouldn’t dream of running a PC without a UPS. It’s all about one’s specific circumstances.

Maybe you think of something different when we say UPS? A UPS is a small, cheap, silent device with a battery, logic board, surge protection and voltage smoothing equipment.

Maybe he’s thinking of one of these? :grimacing:

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Issue resolved by OP.