Ettore Bugatti 100P racer from Red Wings

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noted the absence so far of a thread of the recently released Ettore Bugatti 100P by Red Wings in MSFS Marketplace, I thought interesting to share with the community some information, images and first-hand experience in flying this very special aircraft.

Ettore Bugatti started work in 1938 to design a racer to compete in the Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup Race and U.S. Thompson trophy, using engines sold in his automotive line for co-marketing. Bugatti’s chief engineer was Louis de Monge, with whom Bugatti had worked before.

Bugatti was also approached by the government of France to use the technology of the racing
aircraft to develop a fighter variant for mass production.

The aircraft was the source of several patents, notably the position of in-line V8 engines and their drive chain to the propellers, the v-tail mixer controls and the automatic flap system connected with the landing gear.

The only 100P built is preserved in the EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh, WI:

The exterior and interior of the aircraft are very well modeled, the unique and complex shape of the surfaces is faithfully reproduced.

In addition to the prototype versions with several race-ready liveries, a military version is included as well (planned at the time of 100P construction but not realized).

The visibility from inside the cockpit resembles very much that of a modern high performance glider (look at that fuselage shape, a perfect stremlined fuse), hence somehow obstructed ahead while excellent on the sides and above.

The aircraft systems are faithfully reproduced:

  • two counter-rotating propellers with fixed pitch
    – Normal and emergency pneumatic circuits (aircraft used pneumatic instead of hydraulic systems)
    – Civilian version ADF VHF and/or gmeter
    – tank or canopy jettison
    – all automatic systems (landing gear retraction on takeoff and deployment when flaps are lowered to landing position)

It is an interesting aircraft to fly, feeling quite different from modern, conventional high-speed light aircraft

Hands must be kept on controls with light touch,

Due to the small empennages (a design choice that sacrified stability at lower speeds to increase the maximum speed), I expected the 100P to be marginally stable and directionally and indeed it is.

Care must be used not to apply excessive control input on ailerons and rudder not to overshoot the intended trajectory, and a little of adverse control often helps to mitigate directional oscillations.

Kudos to the designer of the flight model, I think it is very very plausible.

Beware that the spool-up and spool-down time of the engines in response to throttle movements rather slow if compared to other piston engines that have variable pitch / constant speed propellers, this due to the fact that the 100P used a fixed pitch propeller typically set to coarse to achieve maximum speed.

During approach and final is necessary to stay ‘ahead’ of the aircraft, anticipating the throttle corrections to maintain the desired airspeed, attention is required with the automatic flaps and landing gear (true to the prototype) reducing the workload for the pilot.

A mention to the attached documentation, exhaustive without being overwhelming, complete with true-to-the-era technical drawings, highlights and annedocts, definitely a well-researched aircraft.

The developer is very active and supportive on Red Wings Discord channel, working on few observations made by the community: a ‘looping’ sound from the engines (that honestly I barely noted) and the texture quality on some details of the model.

Is the price asked in the Marketplace fair? I would say so, considering the aircraft unique appearance and systems, its peculiar handling qualities and the thorough research the developer has put into it.

Happy (and f-a-s-t) flight on the EB 100P !


I have this one.
I also have the Connie from RedWings.
As usual with RedWings products both are really very nice and unique, they have a lot of work and hours behind and that shows.
The Bugatti graphics are really very nice and the flight model is quite special. I like how the plane handles and I like the way the systems were modeled, airbrakes autodeploy when braking, flaps are automatic, landing gear too. A lot of nifty things not common in other planes.

The only big issue with the Bugatti is that the sound is bugged, only one of the props contribute to the sound and depending on how you start or shutdown you might even get a prop rotating without sound.

The devs are fixing this for an upcoming marketplace version, For me it is in the hangar until that happens. Once fixed it will be an awesome plane to fly.


I have their Goliath which is very nice. I probably should get the Bugatti as well.

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I was tempted. But a fast racing plane, and a prototype one at that, just wouldn’t have me fly it all that often. For me, the price is too high for a curiosity, no matter how well modeled it is.


What happened to your rule “I don’t fly them if they are not still flying.”?

What happened to your rule “I don’t fly them if they are not still flying.”?

I take some artistic licenses but still this one I haven’t flown in Vatsim and not sure if I will. Probably not. Unfortunately the replica made in 2015 crashed and was destroyed otherwise that one would be a good case to fly the plane. I don’t think there is a realistic way to fly this today so it will just be something to have some fun for me.

It’s out on SimMarket for those who prefer Marketplace alternatives. (I missed the MP release.)

Looks really beautiful, but $31 is a bit rich for a “curiosity” plane that I’ll likely fly a little to get the experience but not use regularly. Adding to my wishlist as I might check it out if a sale hits.

Curious to hear impressions from those who do jump on it!

I have it from the marketplace.
I’m with you it is a curiosity plane.
It is a nice product, graphics are really beautiful, sounds are very potent, it flies nicely, a very fast plane.
Each livery has different characteristics but you can’t mix them, for example one might have an extra fuel tank that you can’t have if you prefer some other livery.
The design is very unique, it has auto-flaps, auto landing gear operation, the counter-rotating propellers, the whole thing is alien.
Flying it is a beast, it can really accelerate very fast and is very interesting to hand fly and to land.
I agree for $31 it might not give you a good return for the value if you just use it a couple of times. Comparing it to strange birds on the same price range I like it more than the Ho229 by Rara Avis and a bit less than the XF-11 by FlyingFries.
But it is one of the few really unique/weird planes in the sim with high quality graphics and sounds.

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Yeah, I absolutely love that they did it, and Red Wings puts a lot of love in their products. But just like the Goliath, it’s something I’d likely test-fly a little and then it would end up in the dusty storage hangar. I’m willing to go about $20 for that kind of plane.

But I hope it does well for them. I love it when devs do things outside of the same-old glass cockpit singles and tubeliners. If it drops closer to $20 on a sale I will absolutely grab it.


It’s a bit of a pity that RedWing never makes sales at the marketplace. I think a lot of people - me included- are a bit hesitant to buy these very special planes and aerodromes for that matter at full price. If discounted I’d rather take the plunge.

Anyone flying on the Xbox has this aircraft?