Eurofighter Typhoon its invisible

Everytime I spawn the Typhoon its invisible, it sounds etc. but invisible

It’s for the best. :rofl:

Also, this is not a Bugs&Issues topic - this is not an official Asobo aircraft. Really belongs in Third Party discussion section and you could have posted this under any of the existing Typhoon discussion threads.

I’m not use to this forum so I don’t know where to find that.

MSFS have it in the buy section so

Right under the thread title there are sections. Navigate to the Third Party section and post there. It’s available via the store but it’s still a 3rd party add-on, so those are discussed in the appropriate section.

So the Typhoon has “Ultimate Wonder Woman Stealth” capability then?

Hello, check this function in your settings:
Options-> General-> Traffic-> Use Generic Airplane Models (MULTIPLAY) put on “Disable” :smirk:

Hi! I’ve moved your topic into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft The #bugs-and-issues categories of the forum is for MSFS default content. The 3rd Party section of the forum is at the bottom of the main home page.