Eurofighter Typhoon now available

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“Downloaded it this morning and i’m loving it so far! I feel it’s better than the DCS F-15”

Is that compared to the 01.0 or 0.20 F-15?

0.1, after the new version and all the updates from jack I love the f-15


Yep, it’s in pretty decent shape now. Certainly solid enough to be quite enjoyable.

Just peeking in here to see how other fast jets are going.

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If someone of you like to fly Liveries of the german “Taktische Luftwaffengeschwader” have a look here:

download here - Lesg Blog:

German language

Wer sich für die Bemalungen der Taktischen Luftwaffengeschwader für den EF interessiert der findet auf meinem Blog 12 Liveries für die einzelnen Geschwader. Sonderlackierungen werden noch folgen aber das wird mehr in die Richtung eigenen Entwürfe gehen. Viel Spaß mit den Liveries - gruß Les

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Nice liveries :+1: I don’t suppose you’d be interested in doing some Royal Air Force squadron ones for the Typhoon, would you?

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Never say never… but i must tell you the truth i dont fly the EF in the moment because i am not so happy with the FM of the Eurofighter. I hope that Bredok improves the FM and then I will fly the EF again.


Is it just me? i cant seem to lift or dive properly, i can turn left and right but the up and down are really weird.

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I just bought it tonight. I did a cold start, quick up and down video over Grand Bahama to give people an idea of how it handles. Overall, I like it…, but I’m easy to please anyway. It does seem a little fast. When the throttle is low, it’s still movin’. But, to me it is 100% worth the $19.99 I spent. I didn’t think it was hard to land at all aside from my inexperience with the plane and some weird thing with the smart cam where I initially screwed up lining up on the runway. But, I got it down and it responded well enough for me to make a good off center landing. I like it! Thank you for your work! Check out my video. I’m a lil’ tipsy in it. It’s not meant to be instructional; just an idea of what you’re buying. Eurofighter Typhoon (Microsoft Flight Simulator) - First flight by Tory World w/ cold start too!

I guess being “a lil’ tipsy” is a good way to “enjoy” this “aircraft”… May as well just get wasted. I am sure it gets better and better with alcohol. :neutral_face:

I haven’t flown that thing in ages, so I can’t answer this unfortunately.

is anybody have problem with gears…many time refuse to go down even with the button in the cockpit…

Any reason the controls are horrible. Every time I move up or down it shakes and why does the plane not go up when joystic is pull toward you and when you push it forward it goes up. This thing is hard to land also.

Eh. It doesn’t need to be landed. Cause it doesn’t really need to take off to begin with. :wink:

I downloaded the most recent update but the new liveries do not appear, just the original liveries, anyone else have this issue? Thanks

Is there an update ?
Didn’t fly the Typhoon for a while but I have to go back
Very disappointed with another jet fighter ( don’t name it )
Hopefully, the developer will improve the quality of the cockpit textures

Your “unnamed” jet fighter is still miles above the Typhoon. Plus there are two EXCELLENT ones besides these two.


Which one you mean??
The one with the "dark sun glasses "
Thank you but even if I get paid, I won’t fly it ( anymore )
Annoying, very annoying

Imo its the best fighter in the sim atm.What developers already trying to accomplish with a limited SDK is impressive.Clearly if you want some better I don’t what else to tell you besides building your own :wink: