Eurofighter Typhoon now available

So… SimMarket has the new Typhoon jet by Informatica AZ. I haven’t heard of them, and their two airports have lackluster reviews. Has anyone seen/bought this?

Also, something I just thought about… MSFS currently doesn’t support supersonic flight… so??? I am highly skeptical of this release. SimMarket also doesn’t have the best reputation for quality control considering Perfect Flight still is on there.

This is the product link for those wondering.

Looking at the promo shots, I see no air force markings or insignia on the aircraft. Also no pilot in the cockpit. And the skin of the aircraft looks as if it went through a Typhoon of the weather variety. I sincerely hope the images do not represent the final product.


Hahaha… Typhoon of the weather variety.

Dc designs confirmed that they manage a stable mach 1 at lower altitudes/optimal conditions in their upcoming F15 but nothing more is possible currently with the sim.

I can live with that for now

I spend 5% of the time outside the cockpit so i would rather devs dedicate effort to that.

The great modding community over at will take care of liveries and 8k textures no problem.

Pretty shocked how bad it looks, glad i didnt jump the gun on this one.


Wow… This looks like garbage. Those textures, those carpets (or whatever they are), the Frankensteined Airbus/Boeing/Garmin avionics… I wouldn’t have this for free let alone the $25 or so they are charging. I mean… compare this to Dino Cattaneo (IndiaFoxtEcho)'s work. No words.


Let the developer look at the DCS. It’s a complete slag!

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After some improvements they made I ended up getting this. It’s better. But still far from good.

I just purchase it today. They did upgrade the graphics, it is much better. Could use some more work but well on the way… Great job and lots of fun. Just need to adjust the HUD display brightness.

Yeah, new version out today. It’s still not good - I mean, half the switches in the cockpit are not even labeled and you have to wait for tooltips to tell you what they do. That’s basic stuff. It’s unacceptable that it hasn’t been fixed yet. I sent an e-mail to the dev today.

Are there some custom liveries for this aircraft ?

It comes with two - shiny and non-shiny. :wink:

On the other hand, the developer answered my email and thanked me for my advice (labeling the switches in the cockpit). They said they will add in the next update. Let’s hope.

Was a little bit wary of purchasing this but after watching some Irish dude live streaming a flight I took the plunge, yeah it’s a little rough around the edges but oh man is it FUN, the speed this thing covers the ground is astonishing… just had a first flight in the Mach Loop and the mountains of Snowdonia and it handles really well too, well done to the dev who has obviously improved it no end from its first iteration :blush:

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I would be OK with this thing once the switches are labeled, honestly. The frankenstein avionics still don’t sit well with me, but… can’t ask for too much too fast. Did you figure out a way to adjust brightness or a way to adjust VS rate?

Not had a proper look yet, just took it out for a quick blast before work

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Yeah, I think once you dig a little deeper, you will find some irritating things that makes me not really want to fly it until they are addressed.

Yeah probably, but I’m just gonna have fun with it until DC Design’s F-15’s are released next month